what’s this war about?

I’m really not much into politics, under usual circumstances, but lately I’ve been trying to figure it out. I really dont know where I stand on the Liberal/Conservative measuring stick, but one of my good friends is my opposite on most issues, and he says that he’s conservative. Anyway, I dont believe that the U.S. and it’s “war on terror” is doing much but taking away the rights of citizens and securing oil. I mean, look at our borders. We’re spending 10 billion a month in Iraq, but last week the washington post published an article about congressional investigators posing as WV business men, and securing enough junk to make a dirty bomb. it also said they smuggled stuff like that in on the Canadian and Mexican borders! And we’re worried about Iran getting nukes? Ok, let me get this straight. We get attacked with planes flown mainly by Saudi Arabians (our allies?), we tell Afghanistan to give up the terrorists, they wanted proof of what the individuals we wanted had did before they turn anyone over, we bomb them back into the stone age, then we attack Iraq on the whole supposed weapons of mass destruction thing, which turned out to be false. But we’re still there? I agree that Saddam needed to be out of power, but we had sanctions on that country for so long, i mean, they didn’t stand a chance. But now we’ve made everyone mad and they are having suicide bombers and all sorts of stuff that never existed there until we decided to occupy the place. My friend agrees that the Iraq thing is a mess-up, but i think it’s worse than that. How would you feel if the U.S. was occupied? Then, think about Iran getting nukes. i’m sure being right up on their border with an army might make them want some defense. And we keep slapping Russia in the face. All this while American Citizens rights are going down the drain. I’m not trying to say America is bad. I’m worried about our future. We the people take our rights very serious, or if we don’t, we better start. The population was all in an uproar when the government started using social security numbers. The government assured them that their SSN would only be used for tax purposes. Now it’s used for everything. Remember, we are a democracy. But do you feel like your voice is heard? Are your elected representatives representing you? I’m just worried about the future of our country.


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