“If this be treason, make the most of it.” -Patrick Henry.

Okay. looking at all that has happened recently, with our rights being taken, all the lies, this war on terror that’s not going to end, i really wonder what the future holds. we the people have just sat back and let all this shit happen to us. the constitution is just a piece of paper if none of us are going to speak out, so here’s my two cents to this whole fucking circus:

we are the people. we will be represented by those we elect, or we will elect a new government. now. not after everything is too late. we outnumber you. you are there for us, not us for you. we dont want our future decided by captains of industry, who are wealthy just because of the sweat of our brow. we decide the future of this country. we die for your wars. we get attacked and live in fear because of actions taken by you that we had no say in. you have failed us. this is our country. time to take it back.


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