it seems like everyone pretty much feels the same way about certain issue at least, but none of us are doing anything (that i know of). i think it’s because we all feel isolated. WE CANNOT BE COMPLACENT! if our rights are at stake, we have to STAND UP, TOGETHER and SAY SO!

they can ignore one, or even 1,000 , But they cant ignore all of us!



  1. Forgive me, but what are you referring to?

  2. good point. i guess i sort of left that out. oops.
    well that bush is taking away all our rights, that our government isnt listening to its people, that the war in iraq has nothing to do with the war on terror, and it looks like its getting worse. it seems like a bunch of people feel like that, but we arent doing anything to stop it. its all isolated. i figured if we got together and petitioned our representatives on these issues, maybe something would be done. and if they ignore us, then we take that to the news. if the news ignores us, i dunno what we do. i hope that makes sense. i was reading some blogs, and basically decided to answer them all at once on my own page, i guess thats what happened.

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