can some neocon answer my questions?

one of my buddies is a neo-con, but he gets too mad at me to debate sometimes. he says i’m a commi- liberal, ruining the country. i figure maybe i need a rounded view on some questions.

ok, first, i feel like bush is seriously taking away our rights.

take the executive order he made on the 17th, that they used against sen. clinton.

(no, i’m not for clinton, i’m for our rights)



  1. People like you ARE ruining the country! Anyone who is critical of our president obviously hates freedom. George Bush is the ONLY president who really cares about us enough to protect us by domestic spying and arresting people like YOU! Haaa, sorry…I just couldn’t resist.

  2. it’s ok. i really do want to see both sides of the issue

  3. That’s exactly how my buddy sounds, though. it is kinda funny. i dont consider myself liberal. just think we need to look ahead, because this stuff could really be used to turn this country into a police state. if not by bush, by someone down the road.

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