pieces of a puzzle.

ok, so chertoff defended a guy who was accused of financing bin laden. jeb bush happened to be…. we all heard that story. and Marvin bush was head of security at the world trade center until 9/10/01. chertoff, by the way created article 3 of the patriot act, it has to do with tracking down who is funding terrorists, yet also a guy who let this terrorist financer go. this is like a soap opera or something. it would be funny if it wasn’t deadly serious. ok, now chertoff has a gut feeling we are going to be attacked. george w. seems to be taking our rights away, and cheney claimed since he is not a part of the executive branch, that he doesn’t have to follow the freedom of information act.(i think) a guy with top secret access asked to see the plan for continuation of government, and they turned him away. he is a congressman and part of homeland security. and rove, well i dont know much about him, i’ll have to check into that. correct me if i’m wrong, but i can only draw 2 conclusions from all this. it’s all just coincidence, or there is some sort of plan to all this.


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