My own theory of why 9/11 conspiracy people always get dogged on.

ok,  I’ve been recently looking in to 9/11 conspiracy theories.

before i’d say… last week, i just laughed that stuff off. this was, i admit, my own stupidity because i wouldn’t really even give an idea like what i thought they were saying a chance. now, it’s not that i trust my government. i never have. it’s just that i really got pissed off thinking about sept. 11th, and i didn’t really want to hear crazy  shit. or at least what, in my own mind, with no research on the subject, sounds like crazy shit. But now i can say that after much consideration, i am one of the people that believe 9/11 was an inside job. look into for yourself. then call me a nut.

the reason i think that i’m writing this, is because it is this issue, and only this, that everything  following it stands. if it was in fact like the government says it was, then some people could see the reason for invading afghanistan, and later iraq. i for one agreed with invading afghan., but iraq seemed a little off course. our rights being taken, i was always against. but if, IF, the 9/11 version that the government tells us IS A LIE, then everything that followed, all of it was uncalled for and backed an agenda that we as a public had no knowledge of. i mean no offense to anyone who lost loved ones in the horrible events that took place that day.


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