sick of it.

man, something’s gotta give. i mean, the FEAR in the air chokes me. how many of you feel free? i dont even feel like i live in the same country anymore. and i really feel like this is just a big set up. after 9/11, everything changed. and after looking into it a bit, i’m beginning to  see more and more that it was a set-up, to bring about the desired results. FEAR. being afraid, we gave up rights we would never have let go. and now the FBI wants more operatives, thousands of them, spying on us. our constitution has been shredded in the name of captains of industry, and i think its going to get way worse, real fast. this is the definition of terrorism! we are being terrorized by our own government. I dont want to be a part of a never ending war!!!! i want our questions answered, our petitions listened to. why should the government act so secretive if it has nothing to hide? transparent government. by consent of the people. we pay your salaries. the constitution is THE HIGHEST LAW IN THIS COUNTRY. we also have a BILL OF RIGHTS. i’m sick of fear. WE are sick of fear. WE are sick of media that wont tell us anything but what it’s allowed to say. And Yes, I think this is all one big fucking set-up. in fact, i think the next attacks will be a fucking set-up too. just so we will give up all our rights, and then we can all hail the king. i dont want to live in a police state. they tell us the terrorists hate our freedom, our way of life. if that is true, why let them win? Whose side are you on anyway? Well, SOMEBODY had to say it. WE ALL SHOULD SAY IT.


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