how to tell if your phone is being tapped. (just interesting stuff)


First Method

  1. Call 202-543-9994

  2. Listen for a steady monotone signal with no interrupts.  That means you are not being tapped.  If you hear any interruptions in the signal tone, then you are being listened to.

Second Method:

  1. Call 101028817709889664

  2. They will first repeat the phone number you are calling from and then repeat a bunch of zeros.    The number at the end of the zero’s is what is important.   If it is a 1 – you have never been tapped and are not presently tapped.

    If it is a 2 it means you have been tapped in the past but no longer are tapped.

    If it is a 3 it means you ARE being tapped presently and you need to be careful what you say over the phone.



  1. how did you hear about this? i’m very curious…

    • The Charter of Personal Rights and Freedoms act needs to be re-examined to better protect a persons individual rights and freedoms. I can understand if it is being used for people who are a threat to our country n such. But for other things like police or private investigators. They are listening in on privelegd information and should be liable to criminal penalties for violating the persons personal privacy and also the telephone companies that allow this to happen should be sued for violation of their own pprivacy acts. I read the fine print and no where in there does it say that your privacy may be violated due to any particular circumstances.
      hmmphh !

      • I just rung second number above and got an automated (this number is bared) what does this mean? Kinda mind f××ked is there another way to find out or shed I just ditch phone

    • I Just was talking to a friend about my phone cutting in and out and he told me about this site. I thought it would be fun to check it out!! Ole by the way I have no reason for this to be happening. Just nosy!!

    • when i call 1st method it remains blank no tone or anything ,2nd method repeated my # 2 times what does that mean?

      • i called didnt hear anything but ten seconds i heard like a hang up sound what does that mean

    • So what if you dont hear anything at all for 30 seconds when you dial the 202 number???? does this mean u r tapped?

  2. long story.

    • Hey!!! When I called the “202” the tone was steady and lasted about 10 seconds. Does that mean clean or tapped because it stopped at the end?

      Thankyou so very much for your time! Keep up the good fight!!! Much peace and love….

      • means you are clear,,no tapping on your line

    • The first time I called 202 it seemed as if it was a constant tone but there were 2 different tones simultaneously. So I called back again and it was tone that was interrupted by brief pauses. Any thoughts.?

  3. one of my friends.

  4. You are shitting me…I just saw this….is this true?

    • anyone 411 this number? It’s the number for verizon in DC

      • Dont you find it interesting that its in DC? Its gotta be listed somehow, sureley not gonna be listed as “phone tap info hotline”

  5. can’t say

  6. Hey There-
    If I were to use method “1”, for instance or dial 202-543-9994, how long would the monotone last for? When I called the number the monotone signal lasted for around 10 seconds with no interruptions……would it go on and on, until I hung up?
    Method 2 does not work…keep getting you have called an invalid number?


    • I called both numbers from my home number and they both indicated that I have never been tapped, but when I tried to call the longer number on my cell, it wouldnt go through but the 202 number did and said the same thing, no bugs on my numbers. I think if you are trying to check a cell, it wont go through for some reason,

    • Method 2 wouldn’t work on a cell phone. It’s meant for land lines.

    • I called the number – 101073217709889664, the auto machine repeated my phone #, then a tone, then the auto machine repeated this #-888-000-9880. What does this mean?

  7. Thanks for publishing this information. Brilliant and fascinating. Most appreciated. H. Lee

  8. are these methode real? I used the first one a few weeks ago and it was fine but i just used it now there are interuptions…
    so are they real??

    • Perhaps you triggered them to see what you are up to, I dunno

  9. I used all methods and it works! Thanks!

  10. Off the record.
    Unpublished information of this nature is not reliable.

  11. can anyone answer the question of johhny polisky please…

  12. This information is bogus! You oughta be punched! These are merely sweep signals

  13. I dont know but seems when i make a call, ihear like a pick up noise before the other person picks up, and sometimes other strange noises.

  14. I called the 1st number and got a tone which lasted maybe 10 seconds and quit. The second number I got a recording saying my call could not be completed. Well? What’s this mean?

    • were you trying to make the call from a cell? I dont think it will go through on a cell

  15. it makes a shaky noise at the very first second then its unininterrupted


    • Hahaha I didn’t realize it immediately, but as soon as I, did I quickly hung up and thought, “Please don’t come for me US government xO.”

      • Me too. Like, if I didn’t have any issues and just a crummy phone and strange friends, I have now invited a slew of issues! Yay me!

  17. The first number I try before, the second I could not get to work, do you dial all the numbers at once on second step.

  18. i called this number and the monotone lasted for 5 seconds then it intertupted and stopped and i coudent hear anything but they were still on the phone.. this is insane.. tell me more im very cruiouse

  19. its says this number is registeered to dc usa??

  20. Everything is tapped. Communications are intercepted through programs.

  21. I was out side doing something holding a ac unit heard phone ringing couldnt get to phone at that moment heard answering machine p/u heard someone leaving a message .I put a/c down and went inside and cecked to see who it was and it was ME ??? I have had people call me and asked me if I called thim and was pushing #’s on phone ??? wierd shit going on kinda scary any one got some info for me email me MLP

  22. joe esposito was/is kgb that’s what killed elvis. Elvis tried to get out of it. they use tapping big time. thanks for the info. you ‘re wonderful. because they’ve been after us.

  23. Didn’t read this till after I called:


    …Thanks…is all this legitimate?


  25. # 1 Homland Security could get your # even if you blocked it. Whoes the moran now?
    #2 For the rest of the morans, the info could of been posted to find the dumbest criminals on the web.

    • It’s spelled “moron”…. Lol


    “First of all, some people will tell you that there’s a phone number you can call that will tell you if your phone is tapped. People email these numbers to me all the time. They say that you call it and you’ll hear a contant tone. If the tone does a certain thing, your phone is tapped and if it does something else, your phone isn’t tapped. This is stupid. Those tones are called “sweep tones” and they’re used by phone company technicians. They have nothing to do with tapping anyone’s phone. If someone tries to tell you that they have a number that detects taps, hit them. Hard.” ….

  27. I’m getting weird noises on my phone, clicking and weird static or was never there before. I don’t want people listening, and I think it’s my ex who abused me for over 10 years..He has nothing better to do. I am scared of him and need to find out if he found a way to tap into my phone. My phone started to act up once I stoped hearing from him…I’m not crazy or just paranoid..I really think I’m right about this.

  28. There were some previous wacko neighbors who had gained access to my home illegally.
    I noticed that on the plug in phone the courtesy light comes on and almost immediately shuts off and comes on again.
    Could this indicate a bugging device inside or my calls being attached to someone elses phone that would know my phone number and record conversations?
    There have been times where they will say things to me that indicates that they had to be listening to a phone call or other conversation in the home.

    • If you are talking on a cordless home phone your conversation can be intercepted via a police scanner. Cell phones,walki-talkies,baby moniters too.

  29. I was raided by local police on night of april 1st/ morning of 2nd just after midnight. The cops were saying things from my phone conversations. They looked in places I had mentioned on the phone to the only person I had trusted with certain info. This person is not a rat and the search warrants states clearly that they have permission to monitor my phones in the ten days leading up to being served the search warrant. The warrant was signed
    By the judge Saturday morning at 7:58am on march 27 th they waited until the night/morning of april 2nd because they heard me say on the phone that my check came the morning of the first and I would be sitting on certain things of interest soon there after. My check was stolen from the mail and as a result nothiing was located in their search. They did however smash and tear my shit up looking for what they just knew was gonna be there. I stopped paying my phone bill so the shit would get turned off. Three days later my phone service came back on and I’m tripping out pretty hard on that. I think they are still listening. I tried all the tricks above and don’t think they work. Sorry to burst your bubble. DON’T EVER TALK ON PHONES ABOUT SKETCHY SHIT.

    • really gee what an insight lol, they have been monitoring the lines since 70s. its just now that the judges give warrants out like the free kandy van gives out kandy

  30. and what does it mean when you call up and it says beep de beep all systems are busy please call back later. LOL Maybe there is alot of people reading these posts lol.

    I have been dealing with a bad organization that deals with stealing people from your family. Without going into much detail about that. Ever since the one morning I had to trust in the local ambulance staff that are very prejudice. Them along with fire crew came in trashed the hell out of my house. Framed me with a load of horse manure for the sake of the organization that loves lil children a lil to much. Well ive had the oddest calls. Ive had someone phone me up that had the same first name and from what I found out about my voice thanks to horrid voice mail messages. She had my same odd tone to her voice. I re-worded things in odd ways to see if it was an echo. It wasnt at that time. I call my mom up to get echos and lags, and it ends up conking out on me where you dont hear a thing and nothing repeats what i say. Eventually I state to mom that I think my phone has been bugged then all seems to stop acting up.
    I dont do nor deal with drugs. I dont even drink for **** sake but I still get attacked! These people talk to me and come out with my newer sayings and tell me how they know what I say about them. They tell me word for word and all i can do is play dumb. Act as if I dont know what they are talking about. My voice mail kicks in I get a message from them. I listen to it. Save then about 2 or 3 minutes after wards I re-listen to it and low and behold the message has changed drastically in a less nasty conversation. What the bleep is this exactly? Or when I listen to my voice mail and save the new message it tells me it saved it. I try to listen to it and it’s no longer there. The messages that seem to go missing and never re-appear days later are ones from the bad organization. And I dont remember going to court and being told they demand the right to have my phone bugged. Although my lawyer whose been in this type of court cases knows WAY more about them in this type of matter. When I talk about them or something my lawyer said that was horrible about them. Things go screwy and she then cant hear me. She tells me to emailing her would be the best. Past few days my phone that was always loud in my ear is very low and i cant hear much of anything any one tells me. Coughs usually the ones that have to come to court on my side I cant seem to hear them. I make sure I turn phone up and nothing! Something bizzare

    • I would like to share stories of similar circumstances . if you would care to. Im curious if you ever really feel safe again or is there always that thought that they’re behind it. my name is rich and you can reach me by email at thanks and good luck hope to hear from you.

  31. ok well I called back didnt get any message telling me that the systems are busy this time. I hear long time of no tone…. then a beep silence beep then I get clicked off

  32. My my…either some imaginations are running wild here, or people just can’t stay away from trouble. We sow what we reep peeps:)

  33. You people need to watch what your dialing . NEVER dial numbers that you dont know and never ever , if you get an automated call, press 1 or whatever number they tell/if they tell you

    theres alot of tricks out there . 1 being you can give calling rights to other people and they can just call who they want wherever they are at your expense .

    wiretaps aren’t what they use to be . they use to be detectable because it use to be hardware that they would have to come and install either on the phone or at the box . those devices still server their purpose . but thanks to the glory of technology, the gov, google and so fourth . most tapping is now done server/software side in which they just filter your conversation and store it on a bank .

    also, if you use a wireless phone . you can intercept those calls with a handheld scanner . tho you have to have a scanner with the same ranging as the phones

  34. Well i dont know i this is true or not but the call got interrupted. the second number no longer exists the first one wasnt consistant. I dont even think it lasted 10 seconds. I got rid of my cordless that was acting up. I knew dang well that someone was listening to my calls somehow. my conversations to my own mother got repeated by these people that are worse than a mafia. These people act like a weird cult. They get what they want when they want. I washed and cleaned. and after a couple days of not being home at all nor does anyone have allowance to my key. My house ends up being trashed, food eaten, dishes all over the house. It’s happening again and my new non cordless phone is acting up when I go to listen to voice mail now and then I gotta turn off my phone quick. Court is coming up and this seems to be very active around court time. I am bugged Ive gone to professionals told them what my phone sounds like and any other details people tell me. I dont have party lines but during certian time during working hours my phone sounds like a bunch of other people joined in. My mom on the other side dont hear it but i do. and these people know my full name!!! The ones talking that i hear. And about how they think it;’s funny cause they get to screw me over. BAHHHHHHHhhh!!

    • guy you can get small cameras and recording devices for under 100 bucs, stash a whole bunch all over your place bed rooms closets bathroom food pantry garage basement outside in bushes extra, install flood lights that trigger with a picture like a hunting camera, can be mounted anywhere on house or high up in tree, if you leave try sprinkling a little powder around the doorways so when they walk thorugh it you can see the size of shoes and maybe the prints, and if the place is really getting trashed stop being an idiot and call the cops if your gonna say its them then call the fbi, f you say its them to then just off yourself cause your lying lol.

  35. Some one replied man either we got imagination or people getting themselves into trouble.well dear maybe there are a lot of criminals on here who am I to know or care. I do care however how ones that keep nose clean all their lives still get attacked. And get phone bugged if I wanted to have anyone else listen in about how I threw up last night then let me join the person in. But how dare you bug a phone. Where I live I can take messages and use them for court when the person was talking in my house. I can’t go to someone else and record them without permission. Police tend not to bother tapping phones, even when someone harrasses you over the phone. That’s the way it is here. To gain info legally as in legally bug a person. Requires court until I see a paper telling me they want my calls taped, monitored or they are now allowed. Til then it’s illegal! And since I never broke the law I don’t see it being justified!

    • before you found out they were listening in on your phone calls were there weird noises when people called your number like clicking before it goes through?

  36. my phone and several friends were indeed tapped and the sure tell signs are simple, and if someone tell you differently then they are wrong. Echoes, clicks, echoes, any odd or weird clicks, echoes, and other similar noises may point to your phone being wired. And again, I mean this with respect, and if someone tell you differently then they are wrong! Did I say echoes? Let me also say that there are many other external variables like outside interference , etc… no close cell towers, close to airports, etc… but 1 thing you must remember!! … and if someone tell you differently then they are wrong. Respect.

  37. I called the second number and it said… the number or code you have dialed is …ect… is that bad? O.o

  38. Forget about the phones!…TVs are bugged now also, all sizes included!…Every time I sit down to watch TV, It makes a clicking sound….Even when it is not on!It does this all day..goes on and off at certain times.! I am in the process of video taping this so I can show it to the cops…I even sat right next to it and it was re=setting itself through -out the day! Don’t think TVs are bugged… Ttry this! Turn a FM /AM radio on …turn it to an A.M. station that just hisses ..NO Voices or music ectetra….sweep it past all your NEW DiGital TV different times of the day/night..and you will here this odd beeping sound come through your Radio when the TV clicks on again even when it is off…YOUR being bugged! That is not military signals, it’s a bugging device built into your TV set! They Bugged TV sets! They can hear you, watch you and tell who you are also! This is the truth! We are being watcjhed where ever the TV is and it can hera everyword you say close or far form the TV!

    • U need some help. Lol!

      • this is true, you haven’t obviously heard but they have smart tvs now, get with the times, whats wrong wit you

  39. Bluetooth *easy to tap into, human bugs * micro chips, aka veri-chips can interfer with any speaker equiped device * can be reprogrammed to do anything, against your wishes, even illegal acts. Join the fun of new aged findings or newly talked about. Cant i eWait til people realized they just sold their soul to a migrating bug, that can be hacked. Anyways it can interfer, cause zaps *electrical static zaps, turn on and off anything electrical, cause flickering, clicks, fuzzy sounds. Its fun specially since i know the triggers. Most people dont realize im a newish protype, freaks people out. Dont believe me? Ohh well! Join the blind if you wish, i wish i was still blinded. 3 mri techs and a specialist informed me about one located in the brain. Sucks when it downloads, unbelieveable pain.

    • Hey man im just gonna see if you’re talkin about somethin i know is for real
      But there could be all kinds i dont know about,
      if you’re ok with doing so, can you describe the shape, size, and location of the device?

      Everyone is probably thinkin were insane, but im pretty positive i can find the specs and pic of a prototype developed but never implanted, they claim.
      Think its in some declassified docs
      Mark ultra stuff

  40. […] how to tell if your phone is being tapped. (just interesting stuff) «FIRST, LET ME SAY THIS MAY CAUSE YOU TO GET BUGGED OR PUT ON A LIST OR SOMETHING. I CALLED IT, THOUGH. I DONT REALLY HAVE ANYTHING TO HIDE.  … in case of chemical or biological attack more amusing, yet interesting stuff. […]

  41. if you hear a break in the call like maybe a call waiting type of break up but you dont actually hear the beep are you being listened to?

  42. It is a sweep tone. But you can use the sweep tone to determine the clairty of your line. If it is all fuked up then you know you have an interruption in your service. That is why it works. Call the number all day long it is just for use by the phone company.If your phone lights up for no reason you are being remtely monitored.
    i know i am retired FBI

    • are you talking about smart phones that light up for no reason?? because my smart phone only lights up for no reason when its on the charger…

    • I totally agree with you . People don’t do anything wrong and you will have nothing to worry about . I just want an application for the job were you listen to people’s conversations.

      • There is one…

    • God bless you’re idiots. Even if u believe this hoopla, just turn the location button off on your phone, and ignore any numbers with a + sign in them. Mr. Retired FBI, if u could spell “remotely”, you’d be a better liar. IMHO…

  43. Is your phone being tapped into——————-here is what to do.

  44. This is all BIG BS!!! My phone was tapped by feds due to some drug sting investigation. After it finished I received from them note saying that my phone was tapped. I called the other number mr Daredevil give to us and the number after zeros was 1. What about it mr Daredevil?

    • If it was a land line and a corded phone,
      …..a sweep might pick up something, but it would be low tech rigged
      Just a guess.

      • Comment by D on February 18, 2013 5:32 am

        I tried #1 no sound at all just low level static and #2 says invalid try again. What does #1 mean with no steady sound just silence?

    • Daredevil right here,
      I posted this for a few different reasons.
      First, ive never said a word about parts of my life, but throughout this entire blog ive hinted at a bunch of things, always using the rule that i would say nothing that provides proof beyond doubt that i was ever taught anything or had access to info i could not have access to.
      The info in the post could be found elsewhere online.
      Closest example i could find that served also as proof that americans w/ nothing to hide are more afraid of the things set to secure your liberty than of any attack happening to you by a terrorist.
      Check how many people view this post.
      You dont want to openly say that you feel this fear, bc you feel isolated, and think it would make you look like you were hiding something.
      This fear and feeling of isolation IS terrifying.
      Freedom is security.
      Securing freedom is tyranny.
      -yeah, i agree, these sound like sweeps, might pick up an old–school type of bug, but youd be wingin it.
      If i had access to the net more often id blog again.
      Maybe i do deserve a crack in the jaw,
      Or maybe i just gave you a few years of statistical proof that the isolation you feel is felt by everyone in the country,
      A nation of isolated individuals,
      Not the safest way to prevent tyranny.
      More on this soon……..

      • Enuff junk out there to make all of us a little “off. But yes, it isn’t paranoid to think every once in awhile, that someone’s “out to get you” in this world. It’s big and it’s nasty, this world and there’s bad ppl everywhere. Still the only thing that’s bad for a paranoick? It’s proving he’s been right.

  45. most of you people are one short step from an all access pass to the looney toon hotel…and the guy with the tapped tv?…he really ought to be there already.
    they watch you?, what a thrill ride that must be. why would anyone want to monitor that? they can surf chat roulette if they want 10 hours of some jagoff with his pants around his ankles yanking unmercifully at his penis. why go to the trouble and expense of setting up a t.v.?
    ever heard of electromagnetic fields?….google it.
    i thought i was being paranoid since a detective appeared at my door and woke me up friday a.m. to ask me about someone i vaguely know and now my phone is/was disconnecting within 5 minutes of any in/out connection. wow, maybe it’s not the KGIA gathering intel on my pathetic little life, maybe the telecommunication sytem i subscribe to is malfunctioning?
    this was just like going to walmart, i suddenly feel much better about myself and my station in life….thx.

    i’m sure some of you are wondering about the “KGIA” thats the super agency formed between the KGB and the CIA after the fall of the USSR… you did know they always were one and the same?….didn’t you?

    • I don’t think so m8.the polis in the uk r dirty polis and will do anything 2 get a conviction.

      • huh?…once more? this time in english?

    • actually dont laugh, several companies have patents for this in the works to sell you better advertisements , the camera in the tv scans rooms, bar codes, conversations this way it can store all that info and send you direct commercials that may interest you more since those things are already in your house… crazy when conspiracy meets truth huh?

      • yeah, that might be true enough but theres a difference between a 2020 chrysler soopadoopa set and a 1980’s magnavox that has a camera built in that can view the entire contents of some idiots room. and…i’m not laughing anymore (and i don’t remember actually laughing out loud) buts hes still highly amusing.

    • the dude is right, have you not heard about the smart tv’s that have come out,( GOOGLE THAT)

  46. wow, they’re still beating that dead horse “9/11trutherism”? and still making righteous bucks off it too, i’d bet. good for them. people who find their life’s calling so early are indeed fortunate.
    their folks must beam with pride when they gaze down on the fruit of their loins.

  47. I used the second method on my land line and I got a recording that said, “we’re sorry but the service you are trying to use is not available.” Could you please decipher this for me? Thank You.

  48. yes, it’s all very cryptic and scrambled… it means the service you were trying to use is not available and they’re claiming to be sorry about that, and that’s the part i don’t buy, they don’t really care, no matter what they say.

    my main concern now is the strange hieroglyphic image that accompanies each of these responses….is it a signal to the chip implanted in my brainpan?…i hear a buzzing noise, wait, thats my tintenitis, nevermind.

  49. uh oh, there it is again, it seems to be following me, but well ahead of where i am at any given time frame…. it’s just that good at stealth surveillance.

    • e.d, lol u have me rolling around on the ground lmfao

  50. yo. just have a quick question. i get a lot of (and i mean a fucking lot) of phone calls from number “Restricted”. it called me 8 times today. few times a week normally. i think someone tapped my shit and can maybe hear everything i say whenever my phone is with me or maybe a tracking program. whatever. am i just paranoid? or is my phone actually tapped?

    • btw. not gonna try those methods. just wanna know if my shit could be tapped

      • that is called creditors

  51. and you think all of those “restricted” calls are from one person?…or thing, “it” as you call them?
    heres a novel approach, next time “it” calls you? click the “talk” button and maybe find out who’s calling you.
    ever hear of call blocking? on some brands blocked calls show as “restricted”, some say “blocked”, mine in the kitchen says “restricted” the one in here says “out of area”

  52. so i called them both and the second said i was not being tapped but the first was loud then i started to go down in sound but was uninterrupted what dos that mean..

  53. everyone…..look up in the comments……i replied.
    havent blogged on here in forever. maybe i need to start again, but i really cant think of much to blog about.

  54. Is this a uk number (the 202) bcos when I do it on my mobile it says “calls to this number are barred” thanks in advance

  55. I tried TM both of the above methods. My phone has been tapped due to a federal drug case but your information says otherwise. Incorrect info you are giving out.


    • so cathy? (if indeed that is your real name, and i for one, remain skeptical) you ran these tests and they showed ur phone is not tapped? but you are certain that they are tapped?…why did you even bother?
      and just FYI they rarely if ever keep a tap going post investigation, unless the got a new warrant, since they cant run a tap after a warrant expires. it’s kind of like the black helicopter following you, if they went to all that trouble and expense it’s already way to late for you, at that point its best to just stop what you’re doing and retain a lawyer, you’re going to jail at some point in the not too distant future, even if they don’t have anything solid on you their going to have to have something to show for the effort and expense… think “conspiracy” charge.

      • Conspiracy…the most unconstitutional charge ever! Hear say…thats what a conspiracy charge is. Two or more people saying the same thing. And several individuals can be charged with the same conspiracy. The penalties for federal conspiracy r 10yrs to life! And life means life in a federal conviction. Sooooo unfair. Ur better off getting caught with or for what u are “suposedly”conspiring than being charged with conspiracy. Fact! Very sadning. So unfair…cmon Good ol U S of A! Thats reeeeeaal justice.

      • i agree chuck, its a bogus charge they use when they can’t pin anything else on you. ive always thought the whole “war on drugs” and its far reaching tentacles of collateral damage is all b.s…. i stumbled on this the other day…

        keep in mind this, like almost all conspiracy sites, are for profit, meaning every time someone clicks it their ad revenue goes up so they’ll say almost anything to get people to go there (think worldnetdaily) and they have something their selling, in this case a book/s.

  56. well, Jay
    i couldnt agree with you more about most sites being all about the cash.
    the honest truth about this blog is that i havent made a penny off it, and i havent written any books. i’ve done some ghost-writing and made money off it, but i never did sell this site out. there were offers to sponsor me, but i always thought that it would compromise my ability to write freely.
    i dont expect you to believe me, but still….

    • truth is, i wasn’t thinking about this site when i said that, i was forewarning about the site i was linking people to. i believe you (why wouldn’t i?…i don’t see any advertising ) and appreciate the fact you haven’t “sold out” its not ez to turn down cash in any amount. i can’t imagine the internal arguments the craigslist guy must have with himself since he would be an instant multi millionaire if he sold out.
      and actually there is a huge difference between a website and a blog. not that advertisers aren’t searching for popular blogs. some bloggers are making good coin.

  57. well here it is on may 11,2012 i treid both numbers above and the first one said the number i am trying to reach could not go through. and the 202 number before i get through the number it starts with a busy signal and stays a busy signal. so i am hearing clicking, my niece hears clicking and her husband is in jail. so i am going to assume we are being tapped.

  58. i called the second num from my phone and a guy answerd!! im freaking out!! WTF is this shit???!!!

    • Lmao! That is funny!

  59. I live in Estonia and called the first number. It said “number is not in use, please check again”. So I thought – perhaps it’s an US number, so I added a “1” in front of it. Called again. Then there was a silence for a couple of seconds and then the ******* POLICE picked up..

    • lol…now thats funny.

  60. I like this site a lot just one question why is your second test for checking phone taps not working? Thank you for this important information. Dan

  61. Hey the 1 long 1 is out o service or something “the number or code u dialed is out

  62. My cell is being tapped 😦 guess I should watch what I say… my house isn’t guess they didnt put both names and addresses together.

  63. How long to listen for the tone ?

  64. […] not personally tried the following points (below) (part I): a cross-posted from: daredevil92103.wordpress.comFIRST, LET ME SAY THIS MAY CAUSE YOU TO GET BUGGED OR PUT ON A LIST OR SOMETHING. I CALLED IT, […]

  65. I tried the second number on my landline at home and it said, “We’re sorry but the service you are trying to use is not available on this line.” What does that mean? Any ideas?

    • Well the first step worked for me I had three interuptions and I can’t do the second one from my cell but I though my phone was taped because the cop’s in this small crucked southern town I live in thinks my husband has commented a hanes crime plus my phone sounds like alions are talking on it so weird

  66. I need call tapping code.

  67. Wat is this…pls let me know if my phone is getting tapped.

  68. Damn I’m skrewd -_-

  69. So when I called the first # there was a high pitch ring then it cut off like someone answered and it sounded like someone had answered… Is that a good thing??

  70. i did just as it said i did hear the tone as if it were not tapped how ever i dialed the number and it didnt repete the number back to me how ever did say a code with 00’s and the last number being a 2 but like i said did not repete the number so whats this mean please let me know ty

  71. I did the first method on my cell phone, and I heard like a bunch of “tap” sounds… I believe that I am being tapped… I called it months ago, and I heard a steady tone… I have called several times recently, and every time i hear the tapping sound….

    something to add, I have been watching a lot of videos lately about how the United States government is passing unconstitutional legislation, (such as the patriot act) to control the population. Coincidence?

  72. i tried d i method n it says its invalid numbr..wt can i do ??
    its urgent..pls help

  73. i mean 1st method..

  74. I tried #1 no sound at all just low level static and #2 says invalid try again. What does #1 mean with no steady sound just silence?

  75. Yall a bunch of characters up here … lol!

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    Verizon wouldn’t confirm or deny
    remember the government only fear is the people it servers. lmao

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  82. 1st number states it’s not a phone number that is allowed calling to(sorry it’s late and my English is shot to hell with left over probs. not going into it, but I’m truly NOT a criminal!!!) Didn’t bother w/the 2d number. Any other ideas?

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  85. What if you call the 1010 number and it says you cant call that #?

  86. I hurd there’s an app to.see if your phone is being tapped, do u happen to know an app?

  87. I received a call on my cell phone with ;86. What does this mean?

  88. I was looking up which phone is the best smart phone bc my iPhone is giving me trouble. So I googled it up and came across this website. I have nothing to hide I’m was curious to see. The first number it had a tone or 5 sec then couldn’t hear anything. What does that mean

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  90. What do I have to put infront of the nrs 101028817709889664 and 2025439994 if I am from South Africa, because the nrs are not dailing.

    • What do I have to put infront of the nrs 101028817709889664 and 2025439994 if I am from South Africa, because the nrs are not dailing.

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    how to tell if your phone is being tapped. (just interesting stuff) | Urban Monkey Warfare.

  92. Think I’m being tapped.. 202 number got quieter and quieter

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    how to tell if your phone is being tapped. (just interesting stuff) | Urban Monkey Warfare.

  94. I tried both numbers which leads me to believe I am being monitored but I’ve never received any federal indictment, I have no reason to be monitored who would I talk to find out why this is happening & by who

  95. Honeypot. ..

  96. I got a 5 lol

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  98. Tried the first number, first time there was nothing but one click then a bit of faint gargle. Second time was a steady tone, and the third was same as second only the tone changed pitch toward the end. Wtf?!?

  99. Cellumis Eye Gel reviews

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  102. I called the 202 # and got no tone at all. At first just a click and then silence? What does that mean?

  103. Welp.. looks like I’m tapped. Better not mention the dead body I hid in my back yard lol

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  105. I have missed 3 phone calls today from the number 202…just 202..when I call it back it says the number can’t be dialed..anybody know wat tat is

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  108. Sometimes when your medication bottle has been empty for several days you can also tell if you’re phone is being bugged.

  109. That isn’t anything Wisconsin has Nano spy cell phone, implant telepathy now and no one can talk or o go anywhere without being stalked, computer tracked, followed, listened to anywhere you go no matter where you are! They put implants that are just like phones, inside your gums, teeth and mouth area near your ears so it amplifies in their computer, cell phones or I-pads it is the same thing they did to cats during the war! Now they can use Nano spy implant telepathy the same way! Wisconsin Clark county, WI is in this now… had been happening in California and Chicago and Milwaukee areas as what was read about… this is happening in many people now and they are this is getting very dangerous the gangs / cult/church-e type groups are being underhanded and devious with revenge setups! And the cops don’t know this I am not sure, but they better start reading all they can about electronic harassment and gas lighting/firing activities and it’s illegal and terroristic like!

  110. I saw this article and I had to chime in did any of you ever think that when you call this number and your put on a list people to look into because you’re asking how to do this what a bunch of idiots and this is a bunch of b*******

  111. I tried both numbers, NEITHER of the numbers rang, only had recorded messages.
    The first had a pause, then hung up… I waited to see if it would try picking up again. Nothing just silence. I waited a bit. Nothing. Not even the normal recording.

    Second number never rang. Only a r recorded message “We’re sorry, calls to this number cannot be completed because calls to this number are not permitted.” Then it hung up.

    I noticed the second call was using the AT&T direct dial access code to force it over the AT&T network. Any particular reason why over this network in particular ? Does it work with other company direct dial codes?

    I was a long distance operator for years. With AT&T as a matter of fact. One reason I’ve asked about the forced dialling over AT&T.

    I’d like to think I’m familiar with typical situations involving calls. Normally… there would be a canned message saying “If you’d like to make a call hang up and…. “. Now as far as the second recording goes, I have NEVER heard a message like that one.

    How are those results interpreted? I’m very curious now.

    Thanks in advance for a timely response.

  112. I hear voices in my cell phone in my head in and my speakerphone

  113. Am i tapped if bluetooth spear giving busy time sometimes while playing music

  114. How do I know who is doing it if I am?

  115. if you are having to type your digits on your phone twice or computer twice that means you are being monitored.if you type your bank using phone and you have to hang up and dial again your security code you are being monitored.

  116. I did that and only heard static with interrupted beeps!

  117. Hey when I called 202 number. I only got silence. No tones what does this mean?

  118. Called the (202) number and it was a steady high pitch until about 7 seconds in the tone changed to just black noise. What does this mean?

  119. U people r fuckin perinoid.. If u r tapped there iS a reason u probably know why….! !!! Lol

  120. That numbers bullshit the long one

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