check it out. FLIGHT 93 CRASHED AT CAMP DAVID???

Camp David “Crash” More Evidence Of 9/11 Media Scripting?
CBS News reported that United Airlines Flight 93 had crashed at Camp David – 90 miles away from its alleged resting place in Somerset County, PA

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Uncovered archive video showing CBS News reporting that United Airlines Flight 93 had crashed at Camp David, 90 miles away from its supposed final resting place at Somerset County PA, has led to more charges that the media were reading off a de facto script as the events of 9/11 unfolded.

According to a CBS News report on 9/11, an FBI official in Washington was informed by the FAA that United Airlines Flight 93 had crashed “into the vicinity of or at Camp David,” the presidential retreat.

The Secret Service are later cited as the source for confirming a crash near Camp David and that Camp David itself was not damaged, but that it was the intended target.


As the video clip below points out, Camp David Maryland is around 90 miles away from the alleged crash site of Flight 93 in Somerset Country Penslyvania.

Watch the video.

Many in the 9/11 truth community are now charging that this represents another example of foreknowledge or media scripting of the events that were unfolding on the morning of September 11.

Quite how a commerical airliner that crashed 90 miles away could be confused for having crashed at Camp David is certainly bizarre – one could entertain the notion that officials were simply mistaken amidst the chaos of the day if the crash sites had been a few miles apart – but 90 miles?

Were high level officials feeding a script to the media about the intended targets of hijacked airliners on 9/11 before they had crashed? If so, how did they have foreknowledge of what the targets would be? Was Flight 93 intended to be crashed in the Camp David area before it was either shot down or crashed into a field by brave passengers?

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The news anchor subsequently noted that the date marked the anniversary of the signing of the Camp David Accords on September 11, 1978 and tied the coincidence to the fact that the Accords are still disputed in the Arab world. However, the Camp David Accords were actually signed on September 17, 1978 – so why such an obvious error would be made is unclear.

The video is strewn with examples of how the media were aggressively pushing the “Bin Laden did it” explanation from the very first minutes of the attack and before any evidence had surfaced.

As we previously reported, BBC News seemingly also had access to some kind of script or were being told what was about to happen in advance when they reported that WTC Building 7 had collapsed when in fact it still stood in the live shot behind the reporter’s head.



  1. Good lord, you all will cling to anything you can grasp, huh? To be taken seriously, the Truth Movement needs first to decide what can be agreed upon, because right now, it’s like “Flavor of the Week” with all these theories. Next, they need to present a panel of area experts (not James Fetzer) to engage “pro-government story” area experts in a rational, calm debate of FACTS, not speculation. Stories like this only make the movement look more desperate to glean any little sliver of could-be-evidence to support the story…

  2. i agree with you on that one, chris. but i’m not part of the truth movement. i only put it up because it was strange that the news reported it wrong like that.
    i think there should be an investigation done by people not tied to the government in any way.

  3. Much agreed. A fully independent debate and investigation is highly in order. I will say that I believe the burden of proof is on the “alternate theory” proponents, versus those supporting the “pro-government” version of the events. I suppose it comes down to one’s natural inclination to either trust or distrust authority. We all fall on one side of the fence or the other.

    Either way, hopefully the coming years will yield some real SCIENTIFIC conclusions. (Yes, that old elementary school “Scientific Method” will come into play, followed by subjecting all theories to extensive review and criticism by qualified peers and area experts, free of government involvement)

  4. christopher, i found an interesting site about the issue. i posted it earlier but here it is, check it out. it’s interesting and very professional.

  5. Video is not working

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