9/11 random thoughts

earlier i was debating with a buddy of mine about 9/11 being an inside job. now, he is a hard-core “neocon”, and works for the D.O.D. we get into heated debates all the time, when we actually get time to talk. well, this 9/11 inside job stuff is pretty new for me. i dont trust the government. i feel like Bush & co. are taking away our rights, all that.

but 9/11? i pretty much stayed away from the conspiracy theories. not sure why. i guess i just didn’t want to waste my time. well, a couple weeks ago, probably actually a week ago, i was checking into some stuff and found out the marvin bush thing. i’m not good at linking stuff, but i posted an article about it. now, this kinda got me wondering… so anyway, i’m talking to my friend, and he is getting mad. he doesn’t want to hear it, i’m nuts. so he looks up the popular mechanics thing on debunking 9/11 nut-cases like me, thinking it might bring me out of it.

it was made to debunk “loose change” which, i have but haven’t watched yet. well, one of the things i thought was nuts about the official line was the plane hitting the pentagon. i mean, the lawn wasn’t messed up, the hole isn’t big enough, no big pieces of plane. well, he brought up this guy, Allyn E. Kilsheimer. i guess he was the first pro on this stuff at the scene. he said he knew that flight 77 did this, he found the black box, held body parts in his hand. so, i thought, hmmm. maybe i’m goin off the deep end. well i’ve been thinking about it, so i look the guy up. nothing bad about him. well, he gets the contract to fix the pentagon. that’s cool. no big deal. maybe he’s just spouting off the official line because he’s in good with the grand pooba, maybe not. Right? well, look up the popular mechanics thing. something struck me as odd. Ben Chertoff, he’s related to Michael chertoff, what is he, head of homeland security? maybe he’s biased too. i got a post on mike chertoff on here too. he defended Dr. Magdy Elamir, a guy that was charged with funding bin laden. he also wrote article 3 of the patriot act, the part about watching where the money goes, to see who’s financing terrorists. also advised bush on torture. well, anyway i’m looking up this Kilsheimer guy, and i stumble onto something strange:

“According to an article in the Sacramento Bee, Pentagon officials
contacted the veteran engineer because of his reputation for analyzing
structural failures worldwide, including those caused by the bombings
of the federal building in Oklahoma City in 1995 and at the World Trade
Center in 1993. The morning of the Sept. 11 attack, he was at the
Pentagon, surveying the damage.”

maybe it’s just me, but why is this guy always brought in? maybe he’s good, but i’d say he’s biased, and not gonna say anything too out of tune with whatever the official line may be, right? but he made an awful bold statement, about finding the black box, and holding clothes and body parts. this guy seemed sincere. i did find out that they didn’t find the black box till later. then i didn’t believe him. i almost did, though.



  1. I agree, there are too many holes in the stories that we are told by officials, conflicting answers and overlapping connections. I think it is hard for people to really read what the truthers have to say because it is too horrific for them to deal with. It is mentally safer for them to believe in the official story. But once a person is able to get over their fears and read what these people have to say then it is hard to deny that there is some type of governmental scam being perpetuated against the masses.
    9/11 did offer this administration a wonderful opportunity to manipulate the American people to support these endless wars in the ME. I believe Bush even stated such.
    It always bothered me that Bush was kept in the classroom with young children after they knew the US was supposedly being attacked. It always bothered me that these planes were able to fly all over the US for a long time with no NORAD planes to surround them. There are other things that bothered me or did not add up but these were the first two things that made me think and question the official story.
    I think we are being indoctrinated through the media into compliance. Continued terror attacks or attempted attacks are intended to keep us in a state of fear. I think elites rule the world and need to control those of us who are just cogs in the wheel. I think that this whole republican vs. democrats is a scam. I fear for our country and feel something terrible is happening. It is as if we are willing being led down a road by the powerful to which the end is our own submission.
    Once you understand that 9-11 was a farce then everything else that has happened in America begins to make sense.

  2. i agree totally. in fact that’s the only way it all makes sense. my friend, i think he is well intentioned, trying to keep me from going off the deep end or something, but he accuses me of only looking at info. that justifies my point of view. i think i look at what different things and try to think it through for myself. 9/11 was an inside job. it’s just hard to prove some of the stuff, because the goverment, who is suspect, got to all the evidence. and when someone is suspect, can you take their word? thats why i dont believe the official line. i think if they have nothing to hide, they would not hide information and would release the tapes of what hit the pentagon, because that would clear up all doubts. i mean, we repeatedly say the planes hit the trade center towers, over and over again. and it’s not what causes the building to collapse, but at least we saw the planes. nobody questions that planes hit the wtc. why hold back the tapes of what hit the pentagon, unless there is something to hide?

  3. I am so glad that finally some of the blogs are beginning to really examine the facts around 911. I have read most of David Ray Griffin’s books and he has convinced me. If you notice, most of those opposing any examination of what really happened can only name call ‘crazy liberals.’ Guess I’ve never been a ‘ditto-head’ or sheepale. Check these out for more info: 1. ALL OF DAVID RAY GRIFFIN’S BOOKS ON 9/11 & THE BOOK “TOWERS OF DECEPTION” BY BARRIE ZWICKER.

    2. THE DOCUMENTARIES “9/11 PRESS FOR TRUTH” (http://911pressfortruth.com/),
    “9/11 MYSTERIES” (http://www.911Mysteries.com/),
    “9/11 MARTIAL LAW” (http://martiallaw911.info/),
    “9/11 REVISITED” (http://www.911revisited.com/),

  4. Same thing happened to me. About 9 months ago I happened to see, late at night, the documentary “Loose Change”, of all places on the History Channel, operated here in Australia by Rupert Murdoch. The documentary purports to show that 9/11 was an inside job, perpetrated by Bush and cronies. I thought, “No! This cannot be! This is prepostorous!” I started to research and I was convinced within a day! Those were controlled demolitions all right at the WTC, and the whole 9/11 thing was a false flag operation, and the only ones that could have done it were Bush and cronies, with their command of the government and military resources.

    Put briefly, a kerosene fire doesn’t bring down a building in its own footprint at free fall speed, melting the steel and pulverising all the concrete to fine dust. And two kerosene fires cannot possible pulverise three buildings, as your government, and that rag Popular Mechanics, want you to believe happened on 9/11. Those buildings were pulverised, with the lethal dust spreading all over New York. That means that in addition to the direct deaths of over 3000 people, who were in the buildings and planes, Bush and cronies will also be responsible for all deaths from lung diseases, including cancer, that are already happening, and will happen in New York in the next few years or the next decade. A charming government you Americans have given a blank cheque to, mainly because most of you don’t want to know what’s happening.

    And the media played along, if not from the start, soon thereafter. The Internet now has many an analysis of the media coverage on the day, including of the one of the so-called “live” report by CNN which shows the second plane slamming into the second tower, then clearly seen to come out on the other side nose intact! A plane, which has an alluminium body, slams into a building which has a centre of 47 massive steel beams, and is seen to come out on the other side body intact! Somebody realised the huge mistake the graphic artist had made and immediately gave the order to fade to black. The media were in on the whole thing.

    And now another thing which may shock you. I mentioned 9/11 to a friend as being an inside job and he said “That doesn’t surprise me in the least beacuse NASA never put a man on the moon” (and brought him safely back, that is). I researched that for a bit longer, and it’s absolutely true, NASA couldn’t have put a man on the moon! For a start, there were no computers on board of those spacecraft (I’m a comnputer consultant), because microprocessors hadn’t been developed yet (mainframe computers took up an entire floor), and computers on board are absolutely necessary for all the process control required. They can’t even do it now, safely negotiate the van Allen radiation belt, for example, and they certainly couldn’t do it then. We are absolutely being hoaxed in the media, left, right and centre, about everything.

    Sydney, Australia

  5. it’s hard to convince people who wont look into, though. do think we’re crazy, but they wont look into anything but the media. it’s frustrating. and now people are so afraid, it’s just amazing, even if someone just believes the media about 9/11, how can they not see that our rights are totally being stripped from us?

  6. i know my last comment didn’t make much sense. i think i meant ” it’s hard to convince people who wont look into it for themselves, though. they think we’re crazy, but they wont look into anything more than the media….”
    it was early early in the mornin, and i hadn’t slept. 🙂

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