I was talking to one of my friends today about how everything just seems to be going downhill in the country. I mean, I know I sound like a broken record, but our rights just seem to be slipping away, and while lots of us are talking about it, and more of us either don’t see it or refuse to say anything. And i thought about it. Fear, i mean, what it all boils down to is fear. I’ve heard alot about our right to dissent being taken away, and when i look at this, i mean, people are being quiet because of fear. others who believe the media, are finding a scapegoat, something to blame all the problems on. for them, it’s simple. the dehumanize a certain group, and blame it all on them. they think in black and white.

But, it all stems from one thing. fear. I mean, whether you think that 9/11 was an inside job or not, or that bush is saving us, or taking away our rights, still we are letting fear blind us. we have fear of attacks, fear of being thrown in jail for speaking out, fear for the future. just…. fear.

i don’t see hope in anyone’s eyes. I am american. I refuse to be dominated by fear. to be dominated by fear is to give up, to make decisions not in my best interests. should i fear jail, for speaking what i feel? for dissent? NO! I should not. I will not be afraid to say whatever i feel because someone thinks the constitution means nothing. i don’t care what executive order anyone on this planet wants to claim, I AM NOT AFRAID OF YOU.

we are always told of emminent attacks, and i don’t doubt the truth of this, But, that does not mean that i have to live in fear. and from the other side, the side that 9/11 was an attack on us by people in a far off land, then still I STILL REFUSE TO GIVE UP MY RIGHTS FOR FEAR OF DEATH. either way you see it, we have been defeated. i was told after 9/11 that these people attacked us, because they hate our freedom, our way of life. i agree. whichever side you see it from, the attackers hate our freedom, and our way of life. But to give up my freedom, my way of life for FEAR, then i’ve been defeated. so i say the way to take care of this problem, is NOT to fear, not to give up my way of life, not to break my american spirit, the spirit of freedom that people fought and died for, and continue to do right now. Instead, I say bring it on. whoever is at fault for this terror, for these atrocities, Bring IT ON. WE should say that. no to run into some corner and become a police state. IN DEFENSE OF WHAT??? FREEDOM? a POLICE STATE? no. i wont defend a police state. put me in jail. i will defend America. Where i was born. i dont remember living in fear, not like this, not until september 11th, 2001. and i refuse to let fear take away my country.

sorry for the rant.


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