Useful Tools against Telemarketers.

I’ve been tele-marketing since about 1994. I’ve managed,  ran a telemarketing company, and been a caller all while waiting and paying the bills for other people to go to college. now, i’m going back to college, yet i’m still telemarketing. now i can’t name any companies, or give any secrets away, or whatever can get me in trouble, but i can give useful tips on how to bug them as much as they bug you.

REMEMBER: the caller is just doing their job, trying to get the bills paid, so please, be gentle.

1) demand to speak with the person sitting beside the caller. i’ve done this many times, and not only does the caller get a kick out of it, managment can’t say much about a person being called demanding something.

2) record the “the number you have reached has been disconnected…..” and use it for your answering machine. there is a specific code the caller types in for disconnected numbers. (not sure about the legality of recording that, but i do know callers, as soon as they hear that, note that it is a disconnected number, and you probably wont get as many calls.)

3) the “i’m on the nation-wide do not call list…” thing. it doesn’t work. i always feel like saying “how’s that workin out for ya?” see, that only protects you from people trying to sell things, not asking for donations. HOWEVER, nicely saying “take me off your list” DOES HELP, but only for a year and a day.

4)  as far as i know, no cops, firefighters, etc. actually call. they can’t call as far as i know. they hire an outside party, telemarketers to call for them.

5) ask questions. find out how much the organization actually gets. now some people wont give a dime if the caller makes anything, and that’s not fair. trust me, we would rather be doing something else if we weren’t getting paid. but, make sure most of your donation is going where you want it to. but dont forget the poor guy calling you. it’s all he does all day. repeat himself. i read books while i call people, i’ve repeated myself so much.

6) lots of places make the callers rebuttal all the way down to $10 or so, and i mean MAKE them. i’ve been suspended for 3 days from a job because i let this elderly woman go without bugging her. best thing to do is nicely say NO. dont give a reason, we all have rebuttals linig our cubicles for every excuse you can come up with. “just say NO” the can’t rebuttal that. they’ll fumble around, and try. then just say “NO.” simple and effective.




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