Is Bush A President or A Dictator?

after an debate with one of my buddies,  the “neocon”, (i’m picking on him), i figured i’d put this video on here to show some reasons why i think bush is a dictator.




  1. Oh, but he’s a bumbling dictator 🙂

    Oh, that my be worse 😦

    Bush uber alles, uber alles Bush

    get the ref 😉

  2. yup. it’s just nuts that most people (including me) are just sitting back, watching it all, like it on TV, but isn’t actually happening. i mean i’ll blog but that’s about all. they can declare dissent is illegal all they want. all i can say to them is “i’ll keep doing it, so come and arrest me.”
    the constitution and the bill of rights are the law of this land, whether bush, or whoever, thinks so, doesn’t mean shit to me.

  3. […] 7.  Don’t Trust The Media […]

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