Ron Paul.

I think if we make it to the next election, people should vote for ron paul. i mean, he’s for the constitution, he wants to bring back the gold standard, and he wants to dismantle the cia. what more could you want in a candidate? that takes most of the crooks out of the picture. bye bye federal reserve. ye-bye CIA. what can say? the country would be fixed. i even looked at ron paul exposed, and all the stuff they said to make him look bad, only made him look better.

so i guess i’m a republican, but i’m NOT a “neocon”.

remember, i doubt we will see the 2008 election, BUT if somehow we can make it there, here’s your man.



  1. >>>>>>>>>>>>> 2008 <<<<<<<<<<<<<

    Don’t f*ck up this time, America

  2. exactly. if we have an election in ’08. ron paul isn’t getting much publicity, because the big business doesn’t want someone like him in office. he has great ideas, but most of the big players in the game wont want him in. he would dismantle the cia, and try to go back to the gold standard.

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