the making of a…. moon-bat, or whatever…

Ok, this is an off the top of my head rant about my view on how things got this fucked up and why i think they are about to get worse.

where to start: Ok, where were you on 9/11?  i remember i was telemarketing, ya know, we were bugging people, i was reading a magazine called Eye Spy from the u.k. (good mag), and it had this guy on the front cover named osama bin laden. now it just so happened on this day, i was going to go to the courthouse on my lunch break, to get a divorce from my second wife. (long story). suddenly people i was begging for money from were screaming about a plane hitting the trade center, then someone saying something was on fire heading toward the pentagon, and i mean, in telemarketing, people say anything to get off the phone. i mean they seriosly do, and  i don’t blame them. i mean who wants to get woke up to hear me chattering away, while i read a magazine. well anyway, it sounded like something major was going on, and finally we quit calling, and got sent home. since i was reading about this bin laden guy, i figured he did it, and i remember just this…. shock, right. like this isn’t real. but it was. well anyway, didn’t get the divorce till the next day of course, no big deal, i mean what’s one more day? i was thinking about getting her a happy divorce card, because it was a friendly divorce. well, that day, sept. 11th, changed everything. we were attacked. we were pissed. we wanted to fuck shit up. at least i did. ok, fast forward, invade afghanistan, cool, invade iraq, uhh, ok. then it was over, but it wasn’t. had a baby, realized i had to be an adult now, i guess. best thing in my life, my daughter. the only thing. ok, war in iraq, terrorists  are nuts, hate us because we aren’t muslim, freedom, you know, never really questioned this stuff. i don’t watch tv much, wasn’t into much but hanging out with my daughter, working, working more, and reading. fast forward until like july ’07. i was really getting concerned about the direction the country was headed. i mean, i can’t vote, it’s my own fault, so politics wasn’t my big thing. but i was afraid for my daughter. i thought, man what’s it gonna be like 10 years from now? it seemed to me we were in an endless war, against everyone. so, some friends tell me to write stuff down, just think out loud, whatever talk about what i thought, so i started this blog. well, here i am. just babbling. one of the first things i wanted to do, was get the damn 9/11 conspiracy theorists and prove them wrong. i mean, i figured some stuff the U.S. was lax on, and that was the governments fault. but i thought bush was taking some drastic measures that weren’t directed at anyone but us. the american people. but the 9/11 inside job stuff, i never even really paid attention. well, anyway, someone on one of these blogs had the youtube cspan caller getting hung up on when he was talking about the executive order, and this didn’t surprise me, because i knew the media was crooked, and i knew that the executive order bush made on july 17th really scared me. but see, in that little cspan clip, i heard a woman talk about marvin bush, head of security at WTC, etc. so i thought, whatever, i’m going to check into this just because that reminded me of trying to investigate to prove the 9/11 truthers wrong. so i looked it up.  she was right. oh shit. i mean i wanted to blog, and tell everyone about rex84, other stuff i already knew, but i had no idea about 9/11, and that was just the tip of the iceburg. so i start looking into other stuff about it, i’m not gonna bore you with all my moon-bat theories, but i will say this. if 9/11 happened the way we were told it did, then i can agree with some of the stuff the government has done. but i still think it’s set-up to be abused in the future, sooner or later, all these executive orders, etc. blah, blah, blah. BUT IF, IF we were lied to, then none of this stuff that’s been so confusing is confusing anymore. if we were lied to, then we are rome when caesar crossed the rubicon. we are germany when the reichstag burned, we are no longer a republic, we are an empire.



  1. So Daredevil-person, pardon me for being a sticky-beak (Aussie slang for “buttinsky”) but I saw your comment when I went to do some political jousting at that gay conservative site, and you piqued my interest. I suppose you wouldn’t have a comment section if you didn’t want commentary, eh?

    You seem to be trying to raise your political consciousness. Doing time in the joint will set you back a pace from the world, but it’s never too late to educate! Good onya for trying.

    You also seem to be having one of those “Oh shit — what is REALLY happening here?” moments. Now you get a picture about why my wife and I buggered out of the country.

    Mrs. Bukko is one who believes that 9/11 was an inside job. I do not go that far. I think it was murderous Arab hijackers, because blowing up buildings like the WTCs would require too much visible work and too many people. No way could they keep it quiet. Plus, the demolition techniques would be so untested — imploding two huge buildings without them falling sideways or something? — that no one would ever attempt it in case it only half-succeeded.

    If you’re looking to learn about various theories on 9/11, one of the best primers I’ve read — and I’ve read a lot — is this article from New York Magazine from March 2006. It’s not some “moonbat” publication; it’s a mainstream big-city glossy mag. Of particular interest is the “LIHOP” (Let It Happen On Purpose) vs. “MIHOP” (Made It Happen On Purpose) debate. Did Cheney engineer the attacks, or did he know they were coming and allowed them to proceed because it would let him do the power grab he desired.

    I don’t believe either, because I think the Bush administration is a bunch of incompetent criminals who couldn’t do any complicated plot. But if you’re looking to learn, check out this link. The article is quite readable, and it expanded my mind. Not sure if I coded the hypertext correctly — lack of technical skills is why I’m a commenter, not a blogger.

  2. thanks bukko. i’ll read that article. you’re right though, i feel like i’m having an ” oh shit, what the hell’s happening” kinda thing here lately. i hope i’m wrong about what i think is happening. and thanks for stopping by, i like good advice. 🙂

  3. i read that article. that was great. it summed almost every angle up at once and also flowed really well, like taking a walk with a guy and watching a movie about his thoughts at the same time.

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