bush warns iraq not to get too friendly with iran.

man, bush will stop at nothing till he gets to attack iran. i mean, if we are helping iraq get on it’s feet, and iraq wants to deal with iran, it seems to me that iraq should be able to make that decision. i mean, first we put the shah of iran in power, then, when that didn’t work out, we help saddam set up shop, then we get rid of him, and now, of course, we still want these two countries not to get along. yeah, yeah, i’ve heard all sorts of stuff about iran giving weapons, and helping the terrorists in iraq. whatever. we are going to accuse iran of whatever we can, because we want to attack them! we’ve wanted to get rid of them since the shah got out of power. to me, it would seem obvious that these two countries probably want to be allies, maybe so they can, uh i dunno, not get pushed around so much, and so maybe they can make money off the resources instead of us? maybe i’m wrong. i just think we don’t want peace in the middle east, because if that happened, then they would probably control the oil over there. and we can’t have that.




  1. If Bush attacks Iran – the world will end in WWIII

  2. we are already in ww III, not sure if the world will end right then, though. i think another attack will happen and bush will declare a state of emergency, blame iran for the attack, and then we will fight them. now, if this draws china, russia, and some other countries in, it might end the world.

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