i have no idea.

i think i’ve gotten addicted to blogging. i really have nothing to write about, but i feel like writing anyway. mainly i blog about politics, which i have no interest in, except for the fact that i think we will be living in a police state soon. just that feeling of impending doom. i hate television, i love books, and i hate being bored. i like playing bass, but it’s in the pawn shop ’till whenever, which sucks. i try to steer clear of the internet, but then, i get addicted to blogging. it’s like a monologue, like talking to yourself, but everyone can see it.



  1. Well, that part of my blog shows things I love, hate, my age, where I live, where I want to live..hehe

  2. cool, you speak english. looking at your site and seeing spanish reminded me of when i went to mexico and stayed for a while. it was awesome. i never learned spanish, and i hooked up with this girl who couldn’t speak english. it was a great time.
    back at ya with the kisses.

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