just venting. no big deal.

college: starts on monday, and i get a letter saying i cant get loans. yesterday. because i dropped out of college 15 years ago, and i paid my own way then. that’s ridiculous. i gotta write ’em a letter, and even if they decide to let me get the loans, it’ll be like a month into school so i wont have any books. for like a month. i can’t listen to my music on my laptop because my windows media player went nuts and wants me to re-install it, so i try, and it doesn’t load. my bass is still in the pawn shop, and i’m sure good old Uncle Sam is watching me rant about it in my lawn, via satellite. so, as our rights trickle away and we are soon to be labeled terrorists instead of dissident, i can’t even jam out to a good song or beat the hell out of my fender jazz frettless.ย  and bush decides irans army are terrorists, which means iran must be harboring them. i mean, come on, anything to go to war with iran. and the cia and fox news are changing history via wikipediaย  this is the stupidest version of 1984 i’ve ever seen. we’ve pissed everyone off, and now they tell us that “homegrown” terrorists are as much of a threat as al-qaeda, and they are paying cops to be more aggressive. and bush is making more executive orders that you have to reference so much shit to figure out what he’s trying to pull, you forget what you were looking up in the first place. i believe this country is in a quagmire, or whatever the hell you want to call it.

fuck it all i’m going to disneyland.



  1. Yay! A rant…I love it.

    Sorry about the bass and the music player. I can’t go a day without music.

    Will you still be able to attend school? You can always beat up some kid and take his books…:)

  2. ๐Ÿ™‚
    not sure, i haven’t even wrote the letter to the whatever place i need to write it to yet, and that’s not good.
    yeah, the music from youtube on here was me venting.

  3. I showed my husband (youtube vids) and he was like “Oh, KMFDM…NIN…So he likes Skinny Puppy too?”

    Hopefully I will be able to be on tonight…fasting blood work in the am, and the doctor’s appt. left me so confused, but a little hopeful?

  4. i hope everything is ok.
    so he liked the music? yeah, some of the videos sucked, but some of ’em are good.

  5. Of course, we both do. Some of his music I don’t like, can’t think of that dude’s name, but he is an older man, I wouldn’t even consider it music…dang. He isn’t home yet, but I will let you know. Some dude that had a cult following…on the tip of my tongue.

  6. i dunno. too many possibilities. i just left a comment at your blog, but it like wont take it. wordpress is acting strange. it was just a response to your new posts. kind of a ramble.

  7. my woman was getting onto me about getting old and getting out of shape. every time i try to get back into lifting and martial arts, she says i waste too much money. can’t win either way. one of my buddies said i should have my thyroid checked. i dunno, i just got put on a bunch of blood pressure meds, because i have high blood pressure. scares me. my mom dropped dead at 30, and her dad died at about my age. never expected to live this long. never bothered me to die young, but after i had a daughter, it terrified me. i wanna see her grow up, ya know?
    (i’m just going off on tangents and changing direction way to much tonight, sorry if it’s confusing.)

  8. Tangents are good.

    Martial arts? Cool. BTW, love the ink!

    If it is high blood pressure, most likely, not that I am an expert, it wouldn’t be thyroid. Google that and try to find out.

    Yeah, wordpress was acting up.

    Oh, the weird music was Genesis P-Orridge. Since he is too nosy and won’t open his own blog, he wants to know if you saw the video that got him exiled from Great Britain. I’m sure you have, but since he is standing here, breathing Taco Bell on me, I have to appease him.

  9. Oh, sorry…I didn’t know about the blood pressure thing with your mum and your paternal grandfather. That is scary.

    Maybe the only thing that keeps you going is your baby girl. Sometimes I think a child will change me, but it isn’t right for me to bring one in right now. If we had a house here too, I would consider fostering and then becoming a legal guardian of an older child.

  10. not sure. i like him, though. throbbing gristle i think his band, right?

  11. is his band, or was. also jammed with pigface, and a couple of others.

  12. man, i can’t type tonight.

  13. ahh, you’ll have one when God decides you’re gonna have one. my woman wasn’t supposed to be able to have kids, but we got one.

  14. i used to be in six different martial arts. i was supposed to go in and be a SEAL when i turned 18, this guy had trained me from when i was young. i turned down the military, they kept trying, though. even offered me counter-espionage. i said nope. then i was offered a bounty hunting job, didn’t take that one either. i just got into martial arts to keep in shape.

  15. fun stuff, though. i’m getting my daughter in some when she turns about 6.

  16. Yeah, him…oh dude…across the way…sorry, totally off the subject, there is this chic, totally nude assembling her bed and putting up clothes. She has a good body and all, but these are supposed to be upscale apartment homes…so we were watching…she’s clean shaven.

  17. Chris used to have a black belt in Tae Kwan Do. Emphasize on used to. Still good at blocking my slaps though.

  18. oh, you saw the tats pic? i used to have it up as the header of my blog, but my buddy told me it looked like i was some naked nut talking conspiracy theories.
    i took it down, but put it up on that page last night. got too mny tats. my back is covered, too.
    got a lizard tat in my ear. i dunno if you can see it on any of the pics, though.

  19. i never took tae kwan do, but same with the USED TO part for me. i really haven’t done that stuff for a while.

  20. my 3 year old can beat me up now.

  21. Sorry, I got distracted by the naked chic. I just asked Chris if maybe we should call about her; maybe she doesn’t realize it, but how could she not? I asked him if he would call if it was a dude and I was staring…hypocrite. hmph.

    I just read the six different types of martial arts. Damn. You are buff; I tell you what. Interesting life you keep hidden. Don’t blame you though. I learned from myspace that you kind of have to…

  22. clean shaven is always a good thing. except on a guy, i guess.

  23. ๐Ÿ™‚ Laughing at your kid beatin’ your ass.

    Your tats are baddddddassssssssss. I have one tiny one on the back of my neck in Aramaic. My sis has a lot of tats, but not sleeved. She works in for a corporation…so no can do. I want more ink…

    You don’t look like a nut. And fuck ’em if you did.

  24. Women appreciate the clean on the man too. I wonder if she still is prancing around. If my camera was better, I’d send some shots to ya.

  25. ah, i’m pretty open to talking if i’m asked. my woman would beat me to death if i was staring at some naked chick.

  26. i’m not buff anymore, i’m fat, and loosing teeth. it’s insane. i’m old. next i’ll need a walker.

  27. not loosing ’em yet, but i will be.

  28. thanks.

  29. HEY Open your messenger!!!

  30. old tats. i got ’em after i decided not to go navy. that was like…man, i dont have a tat thats less than 10 years old. well, maybe one.

  31. B here <—–

  32. messenger open please

  33. the messenger thing is from my buddy

  34. Sorry, delete those comments then. I don’t want her hittin’ ya.

    You aren’t old, you may have some teefus problems, but you will be fine.

    Just checked, she finally put some clothes on. Okay, see you got a messenger thing going and Malcolm in the Middle comes on in 15…have a good night and mayhap I’ll see you tomorrow.

  35. she wont hit me

  36. yup, good talking to you. you can write whatever on my blog . my woman wont care.

  37. or i’ll just erase it if i think she would.
    have a good one.

  38. my buddies phone line isn’t working.

  39. i’ll be on after 9 tomorrow. take it easy

  40. my friend’s phone isn’t working. that’s why he messaged me. don’t worry about what you write on my blog. i tried to comment on yours, but it doesn’t work.
    talk to you later

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