coffee, dropping out of college, and redneck meth-heads.

good morning! man, i’m never up this early. i mean, you either gotta point a gun at me or leave a kids show blaring in  my ear (as was the case this morning) to get me outta bed by 9. my girlfriend and my daughter took off to her brothers house, and she took my lighter and all my cigarrettes but four. i mean, i know heart disease runs in my family, and i shouldn’t smoke, but i gave up all the other stuff a long time ago, and there are some things a man can’t part with. 1) my kid, 2) my smokes, 3) my bass. and books. i have to be able to read. but as i already said, the bass is in the pawn shop, only got 3 cheap cigarrettes, still got the most important thing, though, but she’s at her uncle’s for the day. i gotta drop my college classes, today, and that is a bummer. guess i’ll hit the books in the spring, unless i’m dead, or in some kind of concentration camp by then. after i drop my classes, i’m gonna go to work and go to work and call and but the shit outta people till 9. hey, at least you can hang up on me. i’m all for getting rid of the telemarketing thing, even though it would leave me flipping burgers. i really do think there should be a day where us telemarketers can actually yell and act nuts like people do to us. just one day. that would be fun. hey, i’ve been cussed out by a telemarketer before, from one of those over-seas companies. it was actually funny. i couldn’t believe the guy said it. it just started laughing. anyone else who is up right now, you have to be nuts. unless you didn’t go to bed yet.

oh yeah, i was gonna tell you people about west virginia. it’s not as bad as you think, well i guess it depends on where you go. i’ve been through some back-woods spots, where you’ve got houses made out of… anything. i mean it’s like someone was just passing through, on their way to somewhere, and their car broke down, and they were so far from anything, they just set up the car, along with whatever they could find, and set up shop and now the next genertion lives there. i mean it’s like someone backed the truck up, attached it to a rest stop, added some bits of metal and insulation, and boom. home sweet home, running water and all. i’ve lived in other states, but somehow i always end up back here. it’s not bad. nice woods, rivers, stuff like that. chemical plants. and no jobs. the worst thing is the rednecks and meth heads. meth is like the state….. i dunno. i can’t stand the stuff, and when you get surrounded by meth-heads on four wheelers, with shot-guns, well there’s nothing else quite like it. once i get some sort of coffee in me i’ll be semi-coherent, so just hang in there.



  1. Only four cigarettes…hmm. I have to have those and coffee with me at all times. Admitted Chain-Smoker and Caffeine Addict here.

    ‘…West Virginia, mountain momma, take me home, country roads…’ Hey, man…I got John Denver’s Greatest Hits.

    A job is a job. Whatever brings home some cash. Phones…I have the worst hearing in the world so unfortunately I can’t harass people via telephone.

    And I thought the whole meth thing was a myth.

    Pray you get back your bass.

  2. nah, the meth thing is real.
    i hope i get back my bass.
    i got a few hours before i go to work
    so i’m bloggin.
    john denver
    don’t like him
    if you’re into camping and white-water rafting, WV is pretty cool

  3. man, wordpress went nuts last night. like off the air or something. my friends phone is working today, he wants me to come check it out. i got followed, or maybe i followed, a helicopter through two cities, on my way to borders books earlier. maybe i’m just paranoid, but other drivers were paranoid, too. it was flying low. strange.

  4. I don’t like nature. I’m already surrounded by a bunch of nasty trees. Allergies are a bitch.

    WordPress was goofin’, yes.

    Helicopter, aye? I dunno if it’s paranoia. I don’t know what your time served was for. I’m heading for paranoia. Pop a few Klonipin.

    Hey mister, lay off J.D. What would we do without “Annie’s Song”?

    You slay me. 🙂

  5. OH BTW…W.V. is that where a lot of the military bases are? Or is that in the Carolinas? Could be the whole helicopter thing.

  6. carolinas. WV is just woods, and a few chemical plants.

  7. i’ll tell ya what i did time for sometime. it’s pretty much a B.S. charge.

  8. i lived in SC for a while. right on the beach. it was great. the women outnumber the men by a bunch. and they are all on vacation, it was a pretty fun time. i’ve been to TX, just for a short time, on my way to mexico. now mexico was interesting.

  9. It’s deleted.

    Dr. Keith Ablow did a show on the very same thing you told me about. I can not find a link to that particular show, but I couldn’t believe the hell people were put through. It was horrific. The accusations, where people could and couldn’t go, deformation, constant moving. Terrible.

    In one particular case, he helped a dude in Florida. Got him in contact with some Democratic rep.

  10. thanks for the delete.
    nah, in 2010 i can go to court and probably get it taken off the record.
    it is a pain in the ass, though.
    nobody really even considers me that, so it’s just inconvenient.

  11. i’m tryin to think of a book i want. my girlfriend and my daughter are over at her paretns house for the day, so i’m just kinda hangin out.

  12. parents, not paretns.

  13. Well, I’m sure you have read everything Stephen King. Have you read Swan Song by Robert R. McCammon? Post Apocalyptic. Very good.

  14. never read it. i’ve read some stephen king, but i don’t like him as an author. i need to finish writing the book i’m supposed to be writing. king’s stories always end up.. i dunno, happy.
    neil gaiman is a good author. i might just go get swan song. i’ve been reading too much non-fiction. it’s more like studying than reading. i hate tv. when i read a book, it’s like a movie plays in my head, far better than a tv screen could ever do. books are more… dimensional, i guess you could say.

  15. just called borders and had ’em hold it for me. (swan song). a bunch of people have been bugging me to actually finish a couple of stories i started. haven’t worked on one for like six months or so.

  16. i’m gonna run to borders and grab some smokes. i should me online most of the day though.

  17. looks like a good book

  18. It’s 11:20 PM…I am wondering if you read it yet.

    My mum hangs out at Border’s all the time.

  19. nah, i bought it and came back here.

  20. Have you started reading it yet?

    You don’t like the D.T. Series??? WHAT?

    Chris has all of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Comics. He likes those fantasy novels, George RR Martin, Terry Goodkind, Feist, Wise, Hickman, ya know.

    I like horror, well anything I can get my hands on. I don’t read the fantasy though. I love it, but I dunno, just never got into the whole D&D thing.

  21. nah, read the sandman stuff, it’s not D&D. my taste in fiction is either…. i dunno. nothing to do with dragons or elfs, and magic, though. i like action books, and mystery. the one book i was really into writing is pretty gory. but a good book by neil gaiman is “american Gods”. nah, haven’t started reading it yet.
    Dark tower is a different story. that is one of my all-time favorites. i’ve been reading and waiting on those books since i was a kid. but that’s not usual king. that’s exceptional king.

  22. you know what’s strange? that i actually took someone’s word on a book. that’s rare of me. i bought it and decided i would read it. and i read the back, and it looks like a really good read!

  23. You will like ‘Swan Song’. He has another called ‘Boy’s Life’ I enjoyed. Both books won the Bram Stoker Award.

  24. that’s cool. swan song looks right up my alley.

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