six interesting, random things about me.

1) i dont watch sports. i cant stand watching sports. it bores me. but if you put a baseball game on any game system and have me play it, i sooner or later will be yelling at the television like a madman. and it’s only baseball games that drive me to this.

2) i only like talking to people one on one. i feel like people aren’t themselves as much with more people around.

3) i love chess. i don’t think well strategically, so i love the challenge.

4) i’m afraid of pure white cats. i think it’s a very bad sign if you come across one. i’ve felt that way since i was a kid. black cats dont bother me.

5) i can’t stand to be hung up on.

6) i only function well in high-stress situations. i’m calm then. if there isn’t anything going wrong, i drive myself nuts. i think it’s just if nothing seems wrong, i feel like i’m just not seeing what is wrong.

7) i’m fascinated by things i don’t understand.

(ok, there’s seven)



  1. Amazing! Chess? I can’t even comprehend it.

    So you thrive on turmoil; quite the opposite of me.

    Don’t feel bad about the cats, I have some of the most irrational fears.

    I’m with you on sports.

    Fascinated by things you don’t understand? So does that mean you want to understand them, or you just like not knowing. I am a person that has to not understand in order to understand.

  2. i want to try to understand things that i dont understand.

  3. For some reason, I just don’t. I’m totally opposite. It kills the romanticism for me. Except on health issues. That’s the one that drives me batty.

  4. well, i guess it depends on what it is. i like mystery sometimes.

  5. No you don’t, being on the cusp of Aires and Taurus, you’d go mad with the mystery thing…:)

  6. you’re right.
    i cant stand not knowing things.

  7. Yeah, I’m pretty much always right 🙂

  8. you are. you intrigue me.

  9. Ditto.

    I get that a lot. There really isn’t thing intriguing though. I can tell you now that I am waiting for a call, from the husband, to get dinner started, then when he gets in, we’re gonna watch The 4400 and then…

  10. cool. have fun.

  11. that’s cool of you to stay up for him.

  12. I stay up anyways. I just don’t eat until he gets home. I don’t sleep too much. Sam doesn’t wait up for ya?

    What did you have for dinner?

  13. Well…you disappeared on me. Probably sleepy from work.

    Can’t quit listening to ‘Kentucky Rain’ by Elvis…wtf?

    Maybe see you later.

  14. still here.
    internet problems

  15. she doesn’t stay up for me. i microwaved something.

  16. you there?

  17. Well she’s runnin’ after the babe all day.

    What’s your fave food?

  18. steak.

  19. yours?

  20. I could do steak…mmm…I like meat.

    Pork tenderloin tonight, with mashed cauliflower (substitute for mashed potatoes).

    I LOVE MASHED POTATOES…with chicken fried steak, and biscuits and gravy…

    Oh and English cucumbers with lemon and salt.

  21. i haven’t had steak in forever.
    mashed potatoes sounds good.

  22. Yeah, but the carbs…hence the cauliflower substitute.

    I put half n half and mayo in the mashed potatoes, when I do make them. Oh…da flavour.

    How was work?

  23. DD, I gotta get off for now and start dinner quickly…I will check back in later to see if you are up.

  24. i’ll still be up. work sucked as usual.

  25. talk to you in a little while.

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