pick on someone who can defend themselves.

yeah, real democratic. we fund these people. i suppose now i’m “anti-semetic”.



  1. Who are ‘these people’?

  2. israel.

  3. search my site for “war is peace”. it’s an excerpt from the book i’m reading right now.

  4. Hey, leave my brethren alone….:)

  5. can’t help it. the israeli’s are treating the palestinians like shit.

  6. you wouldn’t bully people around though. just the mean ones. that’s who i’m against. anyone mean.

  7. And vice versa. That’s their struggle.

    Have you ever had dealings with the Palestinians? straight dealings? Went into an Arabic restaurant? You want me to side with people who stare at me disgustingly for not covering my head, showing cleavage, and wearing makeup?

    Aramaic is a Semitic language; remember ESL.

  8. DD, everyone has a mean streak. You should see the fit I’m throwing today.

  9. uh-oh.

  10. yeah, but when we give one side nukes and guns, and the other side doesn’t even have running water half the time, it’s not really a fight.
    i haven’t had dealings much with either side. never been to the middle-east. got invited a couple times, long time ago.

  11. talk about fits. i’m sick, and like every male, am being a big baby and putting my woman through hell over it, asking her to fix food for me and stuff.

  12. i’m getting off here till later on tonight. about 10 or 11. talk to you then if you’re on.
    i’m gonna try and take a nap, and shake off this cold.

  13. You are being a big baby; go heat up your own chicken soup.

  14. that’s what i’m doin right now. oatmeal, actually.

  15. DD, you need broth. Try gargling with salt and warm water and bit o’ white vinegar if you have it.

    Also, for sinuses, if you don’t have nasal spray, stick salt in your hand, with a bit of warm water and snort. Stings, but it is one of the oldest remedies in the world.

    Take it from your foreign friend.

  16. Motherfuckers
    I’ve always been against any kind of Nationalism and Racism – and even against anti-simetism – but by looking at this, (I’ve also seen a lot from the Israeli-Hezbollah war)

    I fucking hate them

  17. And WTF is she talking about?

    The US gives 2.3 billion dollars to Israel. And Palestine doesn’t get SHIT!

    Enough said! How do you expect them to FIGHT BACK?

  18. Tread carefully Davron…’she’ has a name. Do you think I give a damn about any of this shit? I am from the Middle East, A Catholic, A Semite, and I speak the language of Christ. I do not believe in this war; I come from a very colorful background (ah yes, we have the Russian blood too and would you believe my daddy is an African-American?).

    You are still 17. I am not sure what discrimination you have had in your life and why do you say you are not racist, yet hate the fact that the US gives money to Israel?

    The US gave anyone money that they could get something from. I don’t see them in Ireland…

  19. What makes you think i am against you? First of all, I’m not trying to argue with you and I do not care who you are or what your daddy does.

    Neither do I care about your blood or your background – I wrote about what you wrote, not about you, personally.
    Maybe i am only 17 but I’m doing what I’m doing. Am I too young, maybe you are too old.

    You are against terrorists? So am I. I am against some of Israel’s actions, and some of the current US government.

    There are noble Jews that spoke out against israel in the Israeli-Hezbollah war, they were called “self-hating” Jews – but I support them

  20. Davron, I don’t care to argue with a minor. But if you must not like what I wrote, I’m wondering what it was? That I have had dealings with Palestinians? Or that DD should gargle with salt? Calm down, and when speaking or confronting on a comment, choose your tone carefully, because I don’t play…

    I don’t know who to call a terrorist these days. Could be anyone who is paid to be one.

  21. terrorists are anyone who use terror tactics on civilians in my book.

  22. Hey DD, are you feeling better?

  23. nope. not yet. i called off work, and my boss got mad, so i’m quitting. i’ll go back to the place i ran. another guy runs it now, i put him in charge. i called him a minute ago, and he ‘s got a seat for me.

  24. There’s a big difference between what your “book” describes ‘terrorists’ as, and what Bush uses to label his enemies as

    This is a “brand” – all they talk about is terrorism…

    See, is you kill 100 people with an M16 – you are a soldier,

    If you kill them with an AK47 or a BOMB – you are a terrorists,

    But I am against both and either way should be referred to as terrorism,

    Be it a Korean student who killed 32 students in Virginia, a Palestinian who blew himself up in a bus because his enemies raped his sister, or a Jew who bombed a building with 50 Lebanese including women and children saying that they were terrorists who hid bombs in the building

  25. Are you sure about the open seat??? Hopefully you will like it better; when would you start?

  26. sorry for bad grammar (could you edit it please

  27. sure, dav, i can edit it if you want me to. but i wouldn’t worry about it, my grammar is worse than yours. i agree with you on your idea of what terrorist means.
    i can start at the new job tomorrow, if i want to, but i’ll wait till friday. yup, im sure about the seat. i took that place from nothing and built it up to an actual business. the owner has wanted me back in there since i left. he would fire someone just to get me in the door.

  28. You are such a pimp. 🙂

  29. bush labels whoever his next target is as a terrorist. the U.S. has backed terrorists for a least the past 50 years. hell, “al-qaeda” is a term we use to describe what is really many different groups. al-qaeda just means the base, short for database. guess what database? the database of people the cia helped create to fight against russia, and other places, like latin america. latin america is where we worked on tactics called low intensity warfare, psy-ops, stuff like that. death squads. actually, last i heard, our old latin- american mercs were the second largest force in iraq. i’d guess third largest now, because blackwater has 200,000 or so, and that’s more than our actual military has. the basic point is we want to cause a war between two types of muslims, to keep the middle east in chaos, so we can continue to exploit the region. and as for israel, i’m against zionists.very against them. not jews, although most zionists are jewish. i’ve caught a lot of shit for being anti-zionist.

  30. what did i do now?
    you got the messenger thing on?

  31. we still back branches of “al-qaeda” as far as i know, via saudi arabia. gotta have a way without it being traced too easily.

  32. I meant pimp about the job, DD.

    I can’t say I am against any particular group, even the whole Zionism thing. Especially after WWII.

  33. i know.
    ww II was horrible. there is no denying that. but, it does not give israel a right to do to the palestinians what they do.
    two wrongs don’t make a right.
    more than just jews were killed by the nazis though.
    gypsies, gays, blacks, anyone who was mentally ill, or deformed.
    actually eugenics started in the U.S.
    bush’s grandaddy prescott had a bunch of dealings with the nazis.
    so did a whole bunch of western big business.
    dupont, ford, man, too many to name, all backed the nazis.
    we were afraid of the soviet union and germany. we thoought they might ally and really do some damage. we wanted germany to go to war against russia. then, after that, even before wwII was over, we had our sights set against russia, thus, the cold war began.

  34. Dude, they didn’t go in because there was nothing to be offered and ayuh, the fear. Homie, you went crazy with the youtube last night.

    I know about Bush’s Daddy and if you go to Iran, you will see in the castles, letters, pics all from Hitler. They (government) were Nazi sympathizers. Why do you think it went from being Persia to Iran (Aryan)?

    I know who all was killed sweetheart. There weren’t many African Americans involved though.

    There was a documentary on HBO, but I am sure you can find it at Blockbuster, about homosexuals during WWII. It breaks my heart to see a man in his late 80s to cry like that.

    Another very inspiring film/documentary is called ‘Forgiving Dr. Mengele’. I don’t know where this woman got such gumption, but Eva is to admired by all. She received a lot of flack from her own people about it, but it was her own way into inner peace.

    See you later; gotta get ready for Doc. He better start me on Armour today.

  35. hope everything goes well with the doc.

  36. yep, more youtube stuff. i was trying to think of some music i like, but dont have the cd’s anymore. (or tapes, for some of them)

  37. Fucking propaganda… you know, like “Schwarzenegger’s dad was a Nazi”, “Arabs are misogynistic”, “Iranians are bad” and the “Russians are alcoholics” (talk not about the whole Muslim stereotype)

    There is a lot of Nazis in Russia – so-called skinheads – they hate the Jews. At the same time, they hate the so called “Caucasians” (Dagestan, Chechnya etc, they practice Islam)

    There’s a lot of fucked up shit going on in the world – but we want justice NOW, not 80 years ago – it’s all gone

    And if you really wanna watch “documentaries” – I recommend Michael Moore.

    Look, if 6 millions Jews were killed, (according to European independent studies – only 1 million were killed, but in any case) 20 million Soviets were killed too, and 10 million chinese, and almost 7 million Germans..

    People seem to only care about the Holocaust – but many of them don’t give a shit that thousands of Iraqis are getting killed and raped. This is what makes me MAD.

  38. Motherfuckers don’t remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki

  39. davron, you made a great point. how people manipulate history for their own use.
    i cant stand racism, but i am against zionism. actually, a bunch of jews are, too.
    moore is pretty good. if you want to hear a really good audio summary of what’s what kind of led up to the events of today, click on “the cutting edge” on my blogroll. it goes to this writer named nafeez ahmed. he’s got some audio downloads of a speech he gave. i think it’s the second article down on the site. he’s really good. ties a bunch of stuff together, and backs it up with facts.
    yeah, if you think about wwII, the soviets took it worse than anyone. go listen to that audio, and i hink you’ll see that that was what the whole thing was about to begin with. america and the the british afraid of russia and germany, and tried to use one against the other.
    now that’s fucked up.
    remember. these are just people’s opinions, with facts to back it up. truthfully, you could tell me more much more about where you are than any book. just like if you want to know about where i’m at, history will tell you a bunch, but i can tell you first hand.
    i just woke up, so if this is kinda jumbled, sorry
    good to hear from as always.

  40. Davron, you are entirely correct on the propaganda. I love Moore, but it seems he gets ‘silenced’ a lot.

    Many people were killed during WWII, you speak the absolute truth.

    I am concerned with the amount of people, American, Arabic, and my own people getting killed in Iraq. The first genocide of the 20th century happened to my people, but you don’t hear about it at all. Unless you are sitting around a bunch of family in front of a samovar, with a bunch of loud yelling. 🙂

    Have a good day both of you.

  41. hows it goin harlequin?
    i’m on for a bit, then i’m gonna sleep finally, then i’ll be on tonight.

  42. Glad you agree

    I’ll check it out, pat.


  43. I highly, H I G H L Y recommend that you listen to this:

    [audio src="http://http.dvlabs.com/radio4all/ug/ug306-hour2mix.mp3" /]

    It’s a conversation between Chris Hedges and Hamza Yusuf, a Christian and a Muslim,

    They are geniuses

    I know not every American would want to listen to a Muslim, but still…

    Also – Chris Hedges wrote a book called “War is a force that gives us meaning” – recommend that too… very few know more about war than he does

  44. i’ll listen to it. give me a bit though.

  45. got a bunch of stuff going on right this second. trust me dav. i respect your advice, and actually i am glad when you comment. you are very smart, and you know stuff that i have no idea about.

  46. Thanks man,

    It’s funny, people who agree with me call me smart while those who don’t call me stupid.

  47. Dav, i get the same thing.

  48. Man this almost made me cry :’-(


    What the fuck is wrong with the world man I can’t believe

  49. i dont know why people do these things. hatred is a very evil thing.

  50. Interesting… check this out http://davron.wordpress.com/2007/09/01/the-real-jews/

  51. Another VERY interesting video.


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