random thoughts and questions on authority.

i’ve been thinking about this stuff for a while, and i am sure some of you have too.

first of all, some food for thought.

1) i’ve seen that cops are breaking up peaceful protesters and arresting people for asking questions. now the side of their neat little cars that we pay for, i think it says “to protect and serve”, now does that refer to us, or the regime in charge at the time?

2) i thought all these guys in charge took an oath to uphold the constitution. if they cease doing that, are they not ceasing to be our representatives? do we recognize the authority of captains of industry, or the authority of the constitution?

3) in my opinion, giving up rights is now way to win a war on terror, it seems like the battle is already lost. sure, we need to protect our country from terrorists. i agree with that. but giving up rights to do so will turn this country into a different place entirely.

what do we do about this? my suggestion: guard your rights. dont live in fear. you are an american and you are free. keep it that way. dont let terrorism and fear tactics control you.

just another ramble.



  1. Rambles are good.

    I know how you feel about certain issues, so do not take this as disrespect towards you.

    Don’t generalize all police officers. They are following commands. Do you really think they want to spend their time at some political rally? No. They (peaceful protests) usually end up with someone needing protection…so ponder that.

    Policemen/women are just doing their job. True it’s always the big guys in command, and yes, you have rights, but yet again you don’t. Unless you have money, power, a hand dipped in oil and the other in blood.

    Talk about Crayons. 🙂

  2. I have so much to say and don’t know where to start…

    “you are an american and you are free.” I like that part because in the US, we at least have freedom – you don’t wanna know about the government of my country… (words can’t express the level of corruption and dirt – If I think about it… it makes the US look like heaven (well almost….)

    It’s a paradox – any government I can think of… be it Russia, the US, China, Uzbekistan…. it’s all messed up,

    Again, there’s too much to talk about…

    some examples:



    There’s more but…

    I can also recommend a lot of very important books to read..

    It’s all corrupt, it’s all about the money, it’s all about the power

    They blame “Islamic Fanatics” saying that they kill “in the name of God” but look at… Bush for example, didn’t he say God told him to go to war?

    “This shit is run by fake Christians, fake politicians”… (Immortal Technique)

  3. According to the ISLAM followed by my father, grandfather at.al.
    Even in war, we cannot kill old people, women, children, damage fruit trees , crops or burn houses.
    Only since the Western countries struck oil, they brought Kings in Arabia who were tutored by Ibn-e-Wahab. He preached militancy so that one day they can hang all the muslims given a dog’s name. Dig into the Wahabism; you’ll find the Czarist and British intelligence erecting Wahabi religion, giving them power and money to supercede ISLAM. In 1962 I held the view that the Wahabis are going to blacken the name of the peaceful trading nation of Islam; thus gathering the Westerns against all muslims. I was being interviewed by the Public Service Commission Board.
    The result is before us today. We’re paying for the fault of a few.
    When I passed the Federal Service exam, my late father, a superintendent of police, asked me not to join police service because I would spoil his name someday.
    I would have been Inspector General of Police, head of ac provincial police.
    Likewise I ordered my son, Saadullah Tiwana, promoted lt-col and posted in the staff of the dictator usurper, to resign. He resigned that 7 years ago. We cannot be with usurpers and oath-breakers. Honesty and sincerity define a muslim. Today he is neither honest, nor trustworthy. He has been turned away from the high status of a gentleman.

  4. that is what i’ve been told by all the muslims i’ve talked to, except for the stuff about wahabism. they say it is honorable, and nothing like the west makes it to be. i believe you. i just wish more people would listen.
    saeed, sometime, lets do a post together, if you want. i will frankly ask questions about islam, and you can answer. we can try to dispell some of the propaganda, becuase the situation is getting bad. i just feel like all the media stuff, as i’ve said before, is so warped, so inhumane.
    i mean in the U.S., people think muslims are out to kill everyone, but i’ve been told by the few i’ve talked to that even though i’m not muslim, and i am not arab, that if i were to go, for example, the area of pakistan, where the tribes are… i don’t know how to explain what the place is, but i was told that those tribal men go by honor, and they would allow me to walk there safely. yet can i, as an american tell them americans will let them tread safely here?
    i would protect anyone of any race or religion who was not harming someone. but the way america is becomeing, and not just america, is bad. and i know i shouldn’t say this, but i think we created al-qaeda to fight the russians. i think we still use them today, via funds sent to saudi arabia. and i think that we are trying to de-humanize a group of people for oil.

  5. Saeed, I agree but have to add something:

    Islam is not a nation. Islam is a religion. A Muslim, a person who practices Islam, can be American, French, African, Arab, Iranian, or whatever.

    Don’t confuse it with Judaism: Some Jews are Jews, I mean they are Jews, religion and ethnicity (at the same time).

    I mean who am I to tell you this… but, I often hear this FOX-News bullshit like “the building was blown up by Muslims” – so I had to add this

  6. PS: You can make NO COMMENTS on Islam or Quran (Koran) if you haven’t studied it, so be careful with that…

    But I could try to help if you have any questions.

  7. I’m gonna post the link one more time, it might help you find answers to any questions you might have:

    [audio src="http://http.dvlabs.com/radio4all/ug/ug306-hour2mix.mp3" /]

  8. i’m here, dav

  9. just checked in.

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