here’s an interesting article.



  1. Wow. You even read what I read in Russian.

  2. cool. i try to keep up on other media sources outside of the U.S. because the american media is very quiet about what they don’t want us to hear.

  3. you read russian? that’s cool. i can only read english, but i hope to learn more languages.

  4. Yep. Russian is my second language actually. Uzbek first (Turkic group), then I learned Russian, then English

    I was gonna take Arabic this summer (been waiting for it bad) but couldn’t afford it this time, (ABC Language exchange)

    Now building another website hoping to make some money out of it… on ads.

  5. cool. good luck on that. you speak perfect english, by the way. yeah, i got that “how much is your blog worth” thing, but i just thought it was funny. i wouldn’t take a dime for what i write. then i would be influenced by my sponsors.

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