help keep us from going to war with Iran. sign the petitiion to tell fox to quit trying to sell us another war.

Go here. sign the petition, tell ’em how you feel. Watch the video.



  1. They found out what cost them in the Iraq affair. Now they are at Iran to find out what would it take to attack Iran. American generalship is poor. They have been preaching victory ; but victory evades them.Why? Because their warcraft IQ is extremely low.
    Computers do not think.
    If I was the US Field Commander, I would have sent 30 divisions in Iraq only to avoid ANARCHY. Who won in Iraq? ANARCHY. Why? Because a 130,000 US Army, living in the safety of safe zones and palaces, cannot replace the million strong army and police which Paul Bremer sent home without a parade state being taken of those being sent home. It was a paperwork.( Paper-tigers do that)
    The Talebans are growing into a visible threat to NATO, USA, and Pakistan –thanks to opening the first moves wrongly. In war there is always the first correct move to handle the war situation. If Pakistan Army had withdrawn in the 1971 war in East-Pakistan, it could adopt defensive in areas of choice. Then it would have been invested . That was good because the force lying in the interior lines can always breakout from the stranglehold of a much bigger force operating from exterior-lines.
    Victory was banging our doors in 1971 in both wings; but we were negligent ( our generals do not know the ABC of warcraft).
    One negligent move in Iran will take away the entire region out of US grip.
    When I saw the US order the Iraqi army and police home, I could read what was written on the wall; defeat and thousands of casualties. An Indian retired diplomat sent a letter to Senator Ed. Kennedy naming me as gloating over US defeat.
    I wrote about lady Diana two years before her death. She was sitting on a branch of a tree and cutting that branch with a saw. She had to fall.
    Do whatever you want to do; but you are going to account for it someday. Wisdom is what we lack in our times..I feel sorry.

  2. i agree saeed. i think we lack wisdom, and we don’t think of the future as much as we should. i’m worried about going to war with iran, not only because of all the loss of life, but because we have slapped so many countries in the face, and i’m sure russia and china would get involved. i just wish that the U.S. government would cease trying to be an empire.
    we have the ability to be a great nation, but greed has blinded honor.
    just by talking to you, i know you would not gloat like that retired diplomat said.
    and you are right about that we have to account for our actions someday.
    that’s why i would rather be jailed than be silent. for me to be silent is like i’m am ok with it.
    i’m not. i wish i could learn strategy from you, some day. the subject interests me, and you are well versed in it.
    for me, the most frightening thing is that i have a three year old daughter, she means more to me than anything, and i just worry what america will be like for her, when she grows up.
    wisdom is truly what we lack in our times.
    – a pleasure talking to you, as always

  3. Here we are once again considering the terrorist nation of Iran. A nation that controls Palestine through Hamas, Lebanon and Syria though Hezbollah, and Iraq through the Mahdi army, untold numbers of insurgency and militant organizations and even Al Qaeda. Iran is closing in quickly on the ability to mass produce nuclear weapons while our politicians are arguing over whether or not they are even a threat to the region, and our own nation. Israel, as I have said before, does not have the luxury of debating this issue until the day it is confirmed that the Iranian nuclear program has in fact produced it’s first reliable weapon. Israel has nuclear weapons but will they use them? It is a strongly held belief that only the United States can deliver a conventional strike devastating enough to impact the Iranian nuclear program, however, if the United States does not do that and soon, Israel will be forced to consider the nuclear option as it’s only reliable means of ensuring it’s continued existence.

    When considering the possible destruction of your entire population by nuclear assault, the nuclear option does not seem so terrible in light of the consequence of waiting too long, or conducting an inadequate conventional strike. European nations, Russia and China have prevented measures that could have reigned in Iran many times before. Creating a situation whereby the one entity that could have made a difference (United Nations), is instead provoking the inevitable destruction of either Israel or Iran or possibly even the destruction of both nations.

    Iran has created a reality on the ground throughout the Middle East that provides the ultimate fallback. Iran’s arming, training and positioning of Hezbollah, Hamas, the Mahdi Army, and literally hundreds of other militant assets means that at a moments notice Iran could create complete chaos throughout the entire region. Imagine all of these groups being coordinated by Iran’s military machine causing the cessation of trade throughout the region, the deaths of tens of thousands of civilians in countries throughout the Middle East, and the successful overthrow of governments unable to respond quickly enough to such an unconventional enemy.

    If the United States is unable or unwilling to confront Iran militarily within the next 12 months, world war three is almost a certainty. Because if Iran is able to get all their pieces in place before they are directly attacked, this chess game is over and no country in the world will be safe from the terrorist army they have been building up arming and training for over 30 years. China, Russia, Venezuela and many other countries have already chosen their allies in this struggle by supporting, supplying and defending Iran in it’s quest for nuclear weapons and undying support of terrorism in all it’s horrific forms and manifestations.

  4. martin,
    i’m not sure if a pre-emptive strike is a good idea, i think it would cause wwIII.
    i’ll have to look up who all they fund.
    israel will attack iran anyway, i’m pretty sure of that.
    i respect your opinion, but i think the U.S. has been funding some pretty shady stuff via saudi arabia.

  5. not sure if they control palestine, pretty sure Israel does too good a job of that.

  6. OK. The US forces started on ‘surge’ philosophy but it has come to a halt.With US troops dissipated in Iraq (defending themselves in safety zones, going out in surge, British backing away, Tony Blair gone, Basra closest to US base of supply in Kuwait, US parliament rough-riding the President’s shoulders to disengage or… factors like Turk army on the borders, Syrians ans Saudis capable of adding fuel to fire. Now sir, if you open up a BLACK HORSE FRONT (Iran) you are playing in the hands of those who want an eccleastical empire brough on by American blood, disgrace and money.
    I can paint any picture to justify going in. But am I sincere to this new land of mine?
    The Arabian/Persian gulf is so close to Iran that they can virtually stop evening the drinking water to reach the American troops. Go ahead, have it out. After five years take me to a cup of tea in America paying 45 doillars!
    Inflation is already walking in this land. Inflation has killed all the mightiest empires ever assembled on this earth. America is no match to Spanish Empire, but where is SPAIN TODAY? Wise men learn from the mistakes of others. Idiots learn after bashing their head. Prize idiots do not ever learn.

    Daredevil, Sir, I am writing a few novels. I feel you have the kind of mind to contribute as my coauthor. Google my first novel ” THE PRINCE & THE DANCING GIRL”.
    It has lessons. Get an e-book or email me at and I’ll send you the novel. You are a true patriot.

    tying errors.Sorry.

  8. thank you saeed, i am honored. i don’t know if i am good enough to be a co-author, but i would try, and i would love to read your book.
    you, saeed are a true patriot. i will e-mail you later on tonight. i have a few things to do here in a little while, but i have some stories i started, but kind of put them aside, and i would love to work with someone.
    thank you for talking about the dis-advantages of attacking iran.
    you have strategic insight like i’ve never seen.
    god bless you
    and i will email you in a bit

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