one letter.




  1. Heh

  2. yup, over here they are trying to sell war with Iran with the same stuff they used to get us to go into iraq. especially fox news.
    it’s nuts.
    if we end up going to to war with iran, that will drag everyone into war.
    there are people over here that think we should nuke iran.
    i’ve been fighting these people tooth and nail.
    i love america, but my government has to stop slapping all the other countries in the face.

  3. I would enjoy beating the shit out of those who say we should nuke Iran 🙂 There are videos on youtube, you should check them out,

    a guy asks questions like “What country should we Nuke next?” and people say shit like “Russia, China, Iran, Iraq, Korea, etc…”

    When the guys asks “And why do you say that?” – they can’t say shit.

    Again, it WOULD be funny if it weren’t sad. So much “White trash”…

    If we attack Iran – it’s gonna trigger a lot of shit, get ready for the apocalypse – WWIII.

    Remember what Nostradamus once said…

  4. I mean “invade next”, sorry

  5. i agree.
    it’s crazy. try to find that petition against fox news on my blog, dav. it’s to get them to quit tring to sell us into attacking iran.
    i think that we’ll end up attacking them though. another “terrorist attack” here could justify the action in some peoples eyes. that’s what i’m afraid of.

  6. DUDE

    Did you see this?

  7. yup, it’s on my site, along with a petition you can sign, to help stop fox news from selling us another war.

  8. go to my post that is called :
    help keep us from going to war with Iran. sign the petitiion to tell fox to quit trying to sell us another war. if you want to sign the petition.
    how’s it goin, dav. good to see you.

  9. Great, thanks pat, likewise.

    Sorry I missed that.

  10. it’s ok, i had to look on my blog for a while, just to find it. LOL
    i blog too much. i haven’t as much here recently, i got a bunch of things goin on.
    i’ve probably missed out on some stuff. let me think. i think the stuff that’s most recent is:
    troops got deployed in D.C. (Deployed!!!) that was strange.
    some political leders issued a warning about a false flag attack by our own government that could happen soon. and i don’t have this blogged, but it’s on the web somewhere. a guy put a billion dollars on an option. basically he’s betting a Billion Dollars, the the stock market will crash by sept. 21st.
    and the criminal charges against the discovered felons in the mainstream media. clarence malcolm put it in a comment on my blog. him and an ex-fbi agent are pressing charges against the media. it’s really interesting.
    i’ve been meaning to ask you: can i put you on my blogroll? if i can, type the address for me, and i’ll put you on it.

  11. Yea, a lot of stuff going on… there’s too much.. these days “The less you know, the better you sleep”

    Blogroll: Sure you can, go to my blog and click “Add to blogroll” under “Blog info” on top 🙂

    PS: you should check this out if you haven’t yet

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