ron paul.

i just have no respect for the way fox news treats ron paul. listen to them laughing when asking him pointed questions. i know the sound quality isn’t that good, but i can’t believe anyone would watch a news station with people that act like that. go here to see more clips, and an open letter to fox news. i’ve personally e-mailed hannity asking him to debate me via e-mail or on my blog, or over the phone, whenever and however he likes, but i guess he’s too busy. i dont ever recall seeing a news station treating a presidential candidate like this.



    And I don’t even want to say anything about those assholes at fox news, it should be pretty clear to any person who is not retarded.

  2. PS: and Fuck Hannity and fuck that retard (I don’t even know his name) who was trying to interview Bill Clinton the other day (the one who asks Ron Paul “we should take our orders from al-Qaeda…”

  3. And who the fuck is laughing? Guiliani? Well if that’s him, I guess that’s all he can do – that illustrates his (or whoever was laughing) stupidity.

  4. i was wondering who that dude laughing was too. who ever it was was acting like a five-year-old. it’s nuts how the media is acting, too.

  5. And excuse my language… It just angered me

  6. me too. dont worry about the lan guage

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