Urban Monkey Warfare. (KMFDM lyrics)

“Urban Monkey Warfare”

All you want is a scapegoat
All you want is to get absolution from shame
You have nothing to lose anymore
Never was anything worth to be lost in this war in the first place

They make you hate their name
Prostrate yourself in the arena of blame
Nothing at all is left to be said
The flag’s gone up and the dawn is red

Headed down the hard way
Concrete battleground
Urban monkey warfare
Sabotage underground camouflage

Urban gorilla

All you know is reflection
All you know is the code to hack and crack
The truth lies buried in shallow graves
Who’s afraid to claim it back?



  1. Thanks for this, I keep getting booted off the internet at about 4 minutes on all night tonight.

    Be safe and well~

  2. hey the same thing is happening to my friend and me too.

  3. great, should I be concerned…I’m thinking maybe……

  4. i dunno. i can get on it now. before it was saying internet explorer has encountered an error. i’m on, but i’m on the phone with my buddy, and he says he cant get on my site. i dont think you should be concerned. is it happening at any other sites you visit, or just my blog? my friend just can’t get on my blog.

  5. I can’t get onto Portland Indy, OregonAlliance, myspace..I get on for a minute or two then I get the IE error, it’s happening with Resist/Revolt as well. Since around 8 p.m.

  6. hmmm. i thought i might have just pissed some branch of government off. not sure yet.

  7. I am so glad I came across your site. I have not yet had problems logging in but I wanted to leave this message for another believer of what terrible deeds and betrayal our government is capable. I worked near the pentagon at the time of the alleged 911 attacks and there was no plane. No bodies… Nothing…Not even the sound of a crashing airliner. Only an explosion. Military police and city officers stormed around our building telling us what had happened and saying we were lucky to be alive. No one asked what we seen they only gave us information. I was there man I seen it. There was no plane maybe it was a bomb but no plane.
    Americans need to be alarmed. Our way of life is under attack by our government.

  8. thanks for the info, enlightened.
    i figured that’s what happened. it just doesn’t look like a plane crash at all. no big engines, no wings on the lawn, nothing. i heard people smelled cordite. that’s an explosive, no way to confuse it with jet fuel. if you’ll write me what you saw that day, i’ll blog it and keep it unnamed source, so nobody knows how i got the info. we need more people to come forward with their side of the story, because you are right. we are under attack. i think it’s going to get worse. it sucks.
    glad that you commented on my blog.
    God bless you and your family,

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