pigs taser some dude for asking kerry a question.

hey pig, try me. i dont want to hear the bullshit excuse that you have to keep the peace. “to protect and serve” who? dont get me wrong. there are plenty of cops out there that risk their lives every day, and i respect police officers that do so.  it’s the bullshit fucking fascist nazi pigs i have no respect for.



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  2. i’m pretty sure they tasered him for resisting law enforcement

  3. thanks francisco.
    i dont know if i have a url for a blog feed, though. it says i need one. i’ll figure it out. awesome way to promote blogs, though!

  4. probably right. but i think the law enforcement shouldn’t have been dragging him off for asking a question. how’s it goin criminyjicket?

  5. they tazed him without cause, they could have carried him away. People in posiyions of authority tend to get carried away. Look up the Stanford Prison Experiment, think about Nazi Germany. The police were clearly in the wrong here. Kerry kept repeating that he wanted to answer the questions, they ignored him…What did they not want caught on tape…that’s the real question I believe.

  6. i agree, KM.
    it’s what they dont want us to hear. if three people came in, armed, and tried to drag me away, and then pulled out a taser, when i did nothing wrong, i dont care what kind of uniform they are wearing. to me it’s three armed people trying to attack me. i would defend myself accordingly. if i broke a law, then they would have authority. they didnt in this situation. you can kill someone with a taser. i would consider anyone brandishing a taser in my direction to be an attacker. three on one is a life threatening situation, even without a taser.

  7. I’m good DD. How’s yourself? The lack of civility is a little alarming lately though, so I think the police should do a lot more electrocuting and head bashing. If nothing else it amuses me no end, and from where I’m sitting that’s an incredibly important benefit.

  8. Damn…
    Ok, first of all, SPAM francisco.

    Second – I can’t believe what I just saw. Freedom of speech – freedom of press.

    “Freedom of police” too I guess

  9. thanks for the advice on spamming, dav.
    i dont think those thugs were acting as cops. they just were punks with uniforms and badges. i dont care what a person is wearing. anyone can throw on a uniform. imagine if they were in street clothes and tried that same thing. if they were protecting and serving, and doing right, then no matter what they wore, i would respect them.

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