daily practice and……boots and shoes…also my gloves.

yesterday (technically)…….

i did a lot of movement on all fours. i would do this sorta thing till i got winded and then go on with other things, then go back to another round. i did some of this indoors, some of it i did at the park, on the ground, stairs, and on railing. i did a little bit of planting one foot on a wall and sticking pretty decent. i stretched. when i went to the park i went over some tables and things like that, not the most graceful, but just to get over instead of around. i didnt do much in the way of rolling, and that is one thing i keep telling myself i know i need to do over and over and over because it is an essential thing, but so is the movement on all-fours, because you never know when you’re going to need to recover from a not-so-graceful movement with this type of thing or land on your face. right now i’m not wearing bricks, i’m wearing ADIDAS LIQUIDS. i’ve never been into shoes, and they dont last me, so i usually wear boots, but i’ve been trying to do the conditioning in these things and i havent been doing much, but still i have to give Adidas some credit here, bc i really thought these things wouldnt even come close to holding together this long (since march 25th, 2012).

i havent worn them for everyday use much, i’ve tried to just use them when i’m going out to jump around a little, which is supposed to be daily but it hasnt been. the first thing i figured would happen would be the mesh tearing away from the sole, and i have no signs of that at all. the sole is soft, and i’ve taken some chunks out of it, but i am extremely rough on shoes and i wouldnt fault these things just because of what i put them through. they have surprised me and i will keep track of how well they hold up. same with anything i do or wear for gear. i dont think anycertain specific things are required, i mean i was at my best in boots. ASOLO’s used to be the best, in my opinion, but i havent owned a pair in a while. (i’ve been broke, and they aren’t cheap, but they are really worth the cost. i had a pair of gray suede ones that i never did shred, but i dont know where they are, and they’d be too small for me now by like half a size.)

i still need to find a good routine that isnt so random, for conditioning, but i’d like to keep the element of randomness in daily practice going, to keep my muscle memory confused, but in some things i want to get my muscle memory a bit more precise. i also need a better schedule for eating and sleeping, because this randomness isnt good for me.

today i’ll be getting the vivobarefoot neo’s, and i’ll keep track of those from the unpacking to the time i have to get a new pair of shoes again.

i’ve been wearing gloves with the thumb and a few fingers exposed (i cut them like that) to keep from tearing my hands up too bad, and the gloves have held up good, but i’m gonna have to get a new pair real soon. these i wear now are gloves i’ve had for a long time but only wore in cold weather before recently, good gloves, but not made for what i’m using them for. they’re Gates.


progression, or lack thereof….

might as well keep some sort of track of how i go from garden slug to more agile and able garden slug, right?

i dont want to hear that you cant do it, because i’m gonna do it and gonna blog about it and if i can do it you can.


perfect timing.

the first thing i want to do is find some good footwear to try out, believe it or not, when i used to do this stuff 20 years ago, i wore combat boots, or other boots. they were the only thing that wouldnt be shredded in the first few weeks.

I’m interested in going the opposite direction from cement blocks that can handle the abuse, i’m going for something minimal.

VIVOBAREFOOT NEO’s are supposed to get here tomorrow. i may be out of shape and not doing too much, but i still shred shoes so fast they arent even worth buying. boots are the only footwear that last me, and i tear them up too, but they can take more abuse. this will be the first minimalist shoe i’ve ever worn. i’ll keep a running commentary on these things, see how they handle me.

right off the top

man, for certain i’m going to need the input of those who do this stuff now, it’s been so long for me, my first obstacle is to just get back into the shape i need to flow with the terrain.

they call it Parkour??

The reason I’m Daredevil92103——
The daredevil part came from the things I did that make people think I need put on a leash. If you put me near a big rock, i’m probably going to try and climb it. If you put me near the ocean, I’m swimming miles out so I can scream songs and look around and see nothing but water. I have no excuse for my actions except I’m curious and an adrenaline junkie. Right now I’m in the shape of a garden slug, and jogging just isn’t going to entertain me. I need the adrenaline. Especially if I don’t have someone to work out with and keep me motivated. I need to be in some sort of danger and be at one with my surroundings. The only thing I now of that I can afford is this type of running around like a madman that I used to do a long time ago, and I hear it has a name now. Parkour. I think everyone should do it. It is the reason picnic tables, walls,stairs, and everything else you are supposed to go around or use in some way was really invented.
The biggest problem is where to begin getting back into the shape needed to flow. Back in the day I was in all kinds of martial arts and did all the things that just made parkour a sort of natural part of the art of motion and balance. Now…..I’m not.
The whole concept of an obstacle is seen from a different view to anyone who has ran around like I used to. It’s not something that stops you, it isn’t something you avoid, it’s something you flow with and turn the experience into art. Same with this old garden slug thing…….
C’mon, how many of you who have done this Parkour thing before wouldn’t be just like I feel right now if you woke up in this shape!
LMAO. You’d be right on top of it, and so off I go……..
This is me starting from the ground, up.
I’ll sort of keep a rambling journal of babble, and I hope to get some input from those of you that do free running or parkour.
If you havent done this sort of thing, then I hope this gets you motivated to do it. If I can, then anyone can.

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