accusations of putting U.S. troops in danger. i’m upset.

recently, i’ve been asked that FOUR of my posts be taken down, the person accusing me of putting U.S. troops in danger. with the first three, i was happy to, they all related to the same post, so i thought maybe it was really true. i support our troops. this last one was from the same person, but it was a totally different subject. i ask this time that this person substantiate their claims openly, on this post. if i somehow am endangering the troops, i would like to know how, as i havent blogged in about two years.

thank you.


Watch this!

Whats really going on?


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i have not been able to get on the net as usual. You have to listen to our radio show though on saturday nights at 11pm.\Pat_and_mike_live\Pat_and_mike_live\Pat_and_mike_live\Pat_and_mike_live\Pat_and_mike_live\Pat_and_mike_live

Minot AFB oddities.

read this. all six dead?

think that only tinfoil hatters question the official 9/11 story?

most of my friends think it’s nuts to question the official story. they quote popular mechanics, all these experts, etc.

for anyone who believes that only nutjobs doubt the official story, check this out.

anyone who thinks the official story is bullshit, tell all the people that argue with you to check it out, too.

pigs taser some dude for asking kerry a question.

hey pig, try me. i dont want to hear the bullshit excuse that you have to keep the peace. “to protect and serve” who? dont get me wrong. there are plenty of cops out there that risk their lives every day, and i respect police officers that do so.  it’s the bullshit fucking fascist nazi pigs i have no respect for.

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