UK Classified Document leaked, link the document to as many sites as you can!


Watch this!

Ron Paul’s Comprehensive Economic Revitalization Plan

Whats really going on?


More proof of the mainstream media being paid off

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1-10-08 Fox news cut this out of the rebroadcast, you only heard this if you got to see it live. If your as mad about this as I am, then help get that class action suit against the main stream media by Clarence Malcolm and Ted Gunderson rolling, you can find it on my blog.

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i have not been able to get on the net as usual. You have to listen to our radio show though on saturday nights at 11pm.\Pat_and_mike_live\Pat_and_mike_live\Pat_and_mike_live\Pat_and_mike_live\Pat_and_mike_live\Pat_and_mike_live

think that only tinfoil hatters question the official 9/11 story?

most of my friends think it’s nuts to question the official story. they quote popular mechanics, all these experts, etc.

for anyone who believes that only nutjobs doubt the official story, check this out.

anyone who thinks the official story is bullshit, tell all the people that argue with you to check it out, too.

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