progression, or lack thereof….

might as well keep some sort of track of how i go from garden slug to more agile and able garden slug, right?

i dont want to hear that you cant do it, because i’m gonna do it and gonna blog about it and if i can do it you can.



should i start blogging again???

man, i’m thinkin about starting back up again, but i dont think i really want to even talk politics, or anything like that.
i made my point. ——look into things for yourself.
hell, mostly all i did was find interesting things, food for thought.
what next???
anything but politics.

UK Classified Document leaked, link the document to as many sites as you can!

Anthrax inside job?

Watch this!

Ron Paul’s Comprehensive Economic Revitalization Plan

Something everyone needs to be aware of, very important, please watch.

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