Minot AFB oddities.

read this. all six dead?


think that only tinfoil hatters question the official 9/11 story?

most of my friends think it’s nuts to question the official story. they quote popular mechanics, all these experts, etc.

for anyone who believes that only nutjobs doubt the official story, check this out.

anyone who thinks the official story is bullshit, tell all the people that argue with you to check it out, too.

pigs taser some dude for asking kerry a question.

hey pig, try me. i dont want to hear the bullshit excuse that you have to keep the peace. “to protect and serve” who? dont get me wrong. there are plenty of cops out there that risk their lives every day, and i respect police officers that do so.  it’s the bullshit fucking fascist nazi pigs i have no respect for.


check out my site at putfile.

i downloaded some recordings.


hey, my blog isnt kicking people off anymore!!

cool. anyone know how to post wma files on wordpress?

Urban Monkey Warfare. (KMFDM lyrics)

“Urban Monkey Warfare”

All you want is a scapegoat
All you want is to get absolution from shame
You have nothing to lose anymore
Never was anything worth to be lost in this war in the first place

They make you hate their name
Prostrate yourself in the arena of blame
Nothing at all is left to be said
The flag’s gone up and the dawn is red

Headed down the hard way
Concrete battleground
Urban monkey warfare
Sabotage underground camouflage

Urban gorilla

All you know is reflection
All you know is the code to hack and crack
The truth lies buried in shallow graves
Who’s afraid to claim it back?

I can’t stand Sean Hannity.

Man, i just can’t stand this guy. I can’t stand fox news in general, but Hannity really just pisses me off. i mean, it’s just the way he acts toward Ron Paul. Anyway, i found a link that kind of made me smile. here it is. i mean, i know the guy gets bribed to do what he does, and i don’t watch him unless someone calls my attention to something he does, but i dont like him. i really feel like devoting a portion of my blog to just trash him as bad as he does ron paul.

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